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A mysterious trip aboard The Murdér Express

A mysterious trip aboard The Murdér Express

Funicular Productions began The Murdér Express back in May 2018 and ever since then I have been so intruiged to try it out! The experience will take you back to the early 20th Century whilst you submerge yourself in an exciting storyline on board a fancy train carriage. It encompasses a beautiful meal with immersive entertainment and a little bit of mystery in which you can channel your inner Agatha Christie whilst you sip wine and judge all of the characters throughout this fantastic voyage to Murdér.

It’s all in the details

Your journey begins as soon as you arrive at Pedley Street Station (which in case you were wondering is nearish to Bethnal Green Station). From then on, everyone you meet will be in character and you can trust nobody. You’ll check your coats in and walk around to the station. It’s all such impressive scenery and no detail has been left untouched. From the station you’ll see The Murdér Express train waiting patiently for you to board when the time arrives. On the station, there’s a bar called the Seven Sins where you can get ready for the long journey ahead. We opted for a bottle of wine and was pleasantly surprised that the prices weren’t extortionate – which you often find is the case at some London experiences.

We arrived relatively early, actually very early. Which is very unlike me but also meant that we had some time to explore and take some photos as we watched the station platform fill up. After a little while, members of the cast began to include each and every person in the experience without us even realising for the most part. One thing I was overly impressed with was that a lot of them managed to remember pretty much EVERYONE’S names. That’s some crazy memory skills right there.

Not long after this, the scenes of the immersive show began to play out, we’d met a couple of the eccentric characters on the platform and learnt a little more about them as to give some background to what was to happen on board The Murdér Express. And with that we were called to board, here our tickets were checked by the train conductor and we were shown straight to our seats. We had good ones as it meant that we could see the carriage in it’s entirety. And that meant we wouldn’t miss any of the action during our lengthy trip.

The carriage itself could easily have been a real train. I’ve seen pictures of trains such as the orient express and obviously I’ve seen the film ‘the murder on the Orient Express’ and it felt as though we’d actually stepped on board something similar (although maybe slightly less decadent).  As there were only two of us, we were sharing a table with a couple – who we later ended up making friends with and having a good night. So you shouldn’t be put off travelling as a pair as you never know how it’ll turn out. As well as this, the tables are very big and you have a lot of space so there’s no need to worry about feeling awkward in anyway.

Throughout the experience you are served a 4 course menu from MasterChef 2017 finalist Louisa Ellis, and this definitely didn’t disappoint. Soon after we sat down we were served the amuse bouche, which was Mushroom Duxelles Crostini, of which we had one each and they were delicious even though i’m not a mushroom fan. After this, there was a short performance where we got to meet a few more of the cast as they wandered up and down the carriage, sitting with fellow participants and having chats. It really is done so well. We were then brought our starter which was a gorgeous Parsnip and maple velour. It was creamy and full of flavour and I could have happily eaten this over and over again.

Then there was more entertainment and a very dark murder went down. I’m not going to say any more as you’ll have to go see it to find out who or what dunnit but it’ll have you questioning every motive in the room. Even those of your friends at points. Nobody is safe. But what I will tell you more about is the incredible food that continued to be served. The main was a 3 bird roast, cauliflower, truffle pomme puree chestnuts & hispi cabbage. I’m not sure I’ve ever had more than one bird in a roast before but this was absolutely fabulous. I’m so happy that neither the entertainment or food were compromised in this experience as sometimes a company will favour one of these over the other. Everyone seemed to enjoy this course and there were lots of empty plates at the end.

My friend had the vegetarian option (which needs to be ordered 72 hours before your allocated slot FYI) and also raved about this, so clearly Louisa is doing something right! (I would be disappointed if a Masterchef finalist produced a lousy meal just to get their name on a menu at an epic event).

I’d had quite a lot of wine by this point so I can’t actually remember if the case was solved before or after pudding which was Speculoos & oat cookie pie, I wasn’t too sure what this was before it arrived and I’m not sure I enjoyed it hugely but I think that’s just down to my tastes as everyone else seemed to love it. I felt that it was a mix of spices which included ginger and anything with ginger is a no from me but I can appreciate that it was still a nice dish and a lovely end to a great meal.

Each table were then asked to name exactly who they thought the murderer was after a little bit of interrogation from the characters when they came to sit with us, we were all left scratching our heads and trying to come up with reasons behind why each person could be the murderer before being put out of our mystery! I don’t think I’d be able to sleep if we didn’t find out but this just added to how much I loved how interactive the whole experience was.

I would most definitely recommend this experience to anyone that was looking for an immersive experience, I feel that this would be a great date night ( the people opposite us were on a date and said they’d had a wonderful time) and there’s plenty of time to chat but also there’s a lot to talk about as you can talk about the situation going on in the carriage. I’m not sure I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a wild night out as I feel that you’d disrupt the script and other people on the experience would suffer if you were being loud.

I’d absolutely go back again if the storyline was to change because I had such a lovely evening and some fantastic food. However funicular productions run 2 other experiences so maybe I’ll have to try these too! I’ve heard really good things about their latest venture, the cocktail time machine!

Thank you so much for having us on board The Murdér Express!

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