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An evening at Darts Club Clapham

An evening at Darts Club Clapham

I’m sure by now you’ve probably realised that I’m quite a competitive person. I love to win and I play to win. You may have also heard/seen my discussing my love for flight club which I’ve visited on a fair few occasions now. But when I realised that there’s a very similar venue close to where I live called Darts Club Clapham, situated above The Alexandra pub just a stone’s throw away from Clapham Common station. I just had to check it out and see if it would compare… and spoiler. I was very impressed and already want to go back with the girls!

Darts club clapham
Darts club clapham

I’ve lived in Clapham for just over a year and a half and weirdly had never visited The Alexandra but when I saw that they had held a party for the Darts Club Clapham, I thought it looked really cool and very similar to the venues I’ve visited and loved previously. We headed down on a Tuesday evening, although we were told before we arrived that the vibe is far more lively on a Friday or Saturday  so maybe that would be a better shout to book in for if you’re looking for somewhere a little more upbeat to head with friends at the weekend. But for a date night, Tuesday suited us well as it wasn’t too busy and meant that we were able to chat as we sipped our cocktails and ate some great food. I also wouldn’t advise anyone to be within a 10 metre radius when I’m armed with darts as they were flying all over the place – I forgot how hard it was to get them onto the board!

You enter via the awesome stairs that make you feel like you’re heading up into a really swanky club ( I really wouldn’t like to navigate these when I’m drunk, I bet they’ve had a fair few injuries on these but at least they look cool!) and when you arrive upstairs it’s a little bit like a jazzy old mans club – which I really liked. Made me feel quite comfortable being there and as though it was somewhere that you could spend a while. Not like it was trying too hard. There are a number of Oches with a seating area so it’s quite a social space but also can be more intimate if you wanted, there seem to be quite a few so if you book in advance at a weekend I don’t feel as though you’d have a problem and you could most likely walk in on a weekday but I wouldn’t risk it!

When we first arrived we were greeted by the lovely Charli who took care of us throughout the evening and explained to us exactly how it worked and how to play each game etc. It was really handy having a little bit of information on what the games are about before you go head to head as the first person is always a bit of a test dummy for the round so this meant that we could just start playing. They had espresso martini on tap which I’ve never seen before but I’m now wondering how possible it is to get one of these installed in my house.

They had a really good array of drinks, with a selection of cocktails. And to make it even better, they have 2-4-1 on all  cocktails 4-8pm Monday to Friday. Meaning that each one is around £4/5, if that’s not something to be excited by then i’m not sure what is! They were delicious and I could’ve happily continued drinking these all night long but I don’t think they were helping my darting technique which started off shaky to say the least… it actually never really got any better other than a weird few minutes where I was hitting triple after triple.

The only image of my dreadful skills ?
The only image of my dreadful skills

You’ll have the Oche for an hour (unless you book for longer) which between two people seemed like the perfect time, we managed to play each of the games (some more than once) but obviously, if there is a big group of you it’ll mean you have to wait longer in between goes but it’s quite entertaining to watch other people. I think if I were to head with more than 5 other friends I would think about booking for 2 hours if possible. However, the prices are so reasonable with it being £10 per oche on non-peak times and £20 on Friday – Sunday, I think that’s such good value for money!

We also got to try some of the great food that they have on offer – we opted for the BBQ pulled pork nachos with cheese, sour cream, guacamole and Bloody Mary salsa. These were really good and also were quite easy to eat as we were playing as if it wasn’t your go you could just grab a bundle of nachos and smash them in your mouth and hope the other person wasn’t cheating whilst you were enjoying yourself. The portion size was HEFTY so this was a great sharer and anything with cheese is an automatic yes from me.

As well as the nachos we ordered the Buffalo Margherita, mozzarella, pomodorro sauce, basil & oregano which was delicious – I can be quite fussy with what I have on a pizza but the majority of the toppings didn’t completely appeal to me so I thought I’d play it safe and was more than happy with the result. As well as this, there was a mix up in the kitchen and so we were also presented with the Salami picante, N’duja, mozzarella, pomodoro sauce and buffalo mozzarella pizza… This was far too spicy for me, I couldn’t even manage one bite as I’m such a wimp but if spice is your thing then this is probably the one for you!

I really loved my evening at Darts Club Clapham, with a lovely host and some amazing games along with the great food and drink. I’ve already been telling everyone about this place and so I’m looking forward to booking an evening here again with a group of friends! Whether you’re looking for a chilled out date night or somewhere more lively to hang out with friends then you need to check this place out ASAP. I have a feeling it’s popularity is only going to continue to grow. Thank you so much for having us!

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