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Not quite winners at Gingerline TV dinners

Not quite winners at Gingerline TV dinners

I’ve been to a couple of Gingerline events now and I can safely say that they are one of my favourite and the most well-run immersive events I’ve been to. Every little detail is thought of and all guests are ensured to have a good time. They’re quite mysterious and not many details are released to make sure that you are taken by surprise and are able to have the best possible experience. My previous Gingerline adventures include the fantastic Chambers of Flavour and the grand expedition (you can read all about this here – no spoilers!). So when given the chance to head down to their newest venture via Love Pop Ups London, Gingerline TV dinners, how could I possibly refuse??!

One third of our team at Gingerline TV Dinners

Gingerline previously got it’s name as its secret location was based somewhere on the overground line (the orange/ginger line, get it?) but has since expanded to have events popping up all around London. However, you won’t find out where until you get a text the day before (or sometimes the day of) which informs you of the location of the event. TV dinners was located in a central location near to a tube which makes it easy to reach but that’s all you’re getting out of me for the location.

Normally, you’re not really allowed / don’t have time to take photographs during the course of the event but this one was slightly different to the ones I’ve been to beforehand and so I have a couple of photos which HOPEFULLY won’t give too much away and will mean that you’re able to enjoy your time as a tv star just as much as I did.

We began our evening in the bar where we each got a delicious cocktail, two of us opted for the purple rain whilst one had a tequila sunrise. We opted for long drinks as we wanted to last for a while during the 2 hour performance (it was a rare occasion that I decided I didn’t really fancy drinking, weird, I know). But there were also other cocktails available or wine and beers etc… The bar area had sofas and was done up as a green room for the tv show we were soon to be starring in and was a room where all of the contestants geared up and got ready in their team colours. We were the red team along with a selection of other couples who we soon made friends with as there was plenty of time for chatting throughout the experience.

We were then lead into the tv studio of TV dinners, this was really cool and there were cameras filming the stage area as though it was a genuine tv show (this recordings were just for the purpose of the experience and so will never see the light of day again which is probably a good thing.) Then, we were shown to the red team table which is where we spent the rest of the evening. One of the show hosts (who were both brilliant and stayed in character the entire time whilst making the whole room chuckle) then brought us round a whiteboard on which we had to decide and write down who was going to take part in which challenge, the first was food based, the second was sporty, third was an all-rounder and the final was a mental challenge.

After an introduction to the show and how the evening was going to run and being told that if you were to win a challenge you could actually win even MORE food on top of the secret 4 courses that were promised to us (dietary requirements were taken into consideration), and with this information stored in our brains, the lights were on, the cameras were ready and the show began! IT WAS TIME FOR TV DINNERS!

I was in the first round along with 2 of my team mates and 3 members of each of the 4 competing teams and as I’m quite competitive I came to win, luckily we did which thrust our team into the lead. Our challenge was a lot of fun where we had to work as a team to get the correct answers (it’s hard to explain without giving anything away!) and all teams were then rewarded for their hard work in the task with the first course! (again I’m not going to tell you what this is, soz). But I can tell you it wouldn’t be something I would choose to eat EVER but I actually didn’t mind it, I always find the food at the gingerline events is of a very high standard and very interesting takes on dishes.

Next up was the sport round, 3 of our team members took part in this section of the gameshow and it was more a game of skill than of sport but provided quite a lot of laughs from all the teammates in the audience as well as allowing people’s competitive sides to come out (and maybe a little bit of cheating, we were robbed. that’s all I’m saying! This then led to the second course of the night which was delicious and inspired by the game in the second round. This dish was Aleppo pepper, spiced pumpkin with red peppers, drunken stilton, radichio & Warburtons croutons. The presentation was great but the tastes and textures were fantastic!

The third round was for the all-rounders, there were so many things that this could’ve been but I wasn’t expecting it to be exactly what it was, all I’ll say is that it’s very similar to a famous gameshow that I always thought it’d be great fun to go on! This round looked really fun and so it was a shame I didn’t get to have a go but hey ho! Sadly this is when our team started to go downhill as a couple of the people on our team (not me for once) had clearly been drinking and not listening to the rules. Sadly this ever-so-slightly ruined the experience for me slightly as they kept calling out answers and things but I suppose there’s not a huge amount you can do about this!

This was followed by an amazing main which was Duck a l’orange – Roasted duck breast, potato fondant, carrot & orange purée, kumquat jelly, torcher orange and warm cucumber salad. It was fantastic and there were so many new and exciting flavours on the plate, each mouthful meant that you discovered something new. Plus, the duck was delicious, I feel that if this dish was on a menu at a restaurant then it’d definitely be something I would pick.

And before we knew it, it was time for the final round! The mental round, it was like a quiz and I’m quite glad I wasn’t up there answering questions as I didn’t know the answers to many at all! This was a chance for the team to get rather a lot more points but some team members found it funny to keep pushing the buzzer (and the buzzer of other teams) meaning that we lost points for not following the rules and therefore our rank in the game just kept on diminishing! The teams were not only battling it out for victory but also to choose which dessert our team would be getting for pudding. Luckily we ended up with the banoffee pie, which was unlike the usual banoffee pie and actually turned out to be incredible (although the pasty was a little hard). I could eat this every day for the rest of my life.

And just like that our lovely evening on the set of and participating in TV dinners was over. It was a blast and thank you to Gingerline and Love Pop Ups London for having me!

By Bethlwebb

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