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Showing my competitive side at Electric Shuffle

Showing my competitive side at Electric Shuffle

It’s taken me a little while to get round to writing up about this fantastic new spot in London (Better late than never, ey!?). Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ll definitely have heard of the incredible flight club (I wrote a blog post on it here). BUT NOW, the team are back and have done what I thought was impossible and have upped their game with a new concept and venue in Canary Wharf called Electric Shuffle.

Electric shuffle venue

Electric shuffle opened its doors back at the end of November and I was so excited to receive my invite to their launch parties, a flight club party has is always the best kind of party so I had very high hopes for this one. And to cut to the chase, they really did deliver. Every little thing has been so carefully considered and thought through to enable you to live your best life all whilst getting severely competitive over a fun game of shuffleboard.

Just like the flight club venues, this one is just, if not more, spectacular. Set on two levels, each with a whole host of shuffle tables for you to get your game on and both have a bar and areas for sitting or standing with some delicious  food and drink to either get you game ready or to help you celebrate your fabulous game play . The decor is insane, just look at this view of the bar from the top floor balcony. They even have a retro switchboard and some little fun faces made out of plugs and things, everywhere you look you notice cool little details that must’ve taken so long to figure out.

As usual my friend and I challenged ourselves to try as many of the different drinks on offer, purely so we could feed back to you (and because they were great and I love a drink). My absolute favourite was the Einstein’s Elderflower Mojito but the Vodka Orbit, Lychee Bolt and Sweet Berry Spark were also very close seconds. I’d be worry to spend too long here as I’d probably do a good job at drinking the bar dry. They also do the standard wines, Prosecco, beers and spirits if that’s more your style (I’m not fussy). But if you really want to push the boat out you need to try their infamous frozen cocktails. There’s even a press for service button incase, like me, you’re too lazy to make your way to the bar and queue.

The food selection is a real Winner too. You really can’t go wrong with pizza, especially when there’s a BBQ chicken and bacon pizza with buffalo mozzarella and pickled jalapeños.  Think I probably ate enough food to feed a small country when we visited but I absolutely adored the Sun-dried tomato and pea Arancini, Vegetable Gyoza with ponzu and the Korean beef skewer. As it was a launch, these were all canapés but they have such a variety of food on their menu that you can find here.

Next, it was game time. Bring it on.

I’ve played shuffleboard a couple of times but never like this. I remember my Grandad used to play Shove ha’penny which is a far earlier version. It’s evolved into a super hi-tech and amped up version of the classic game is enough to bring your group of friends together for a good time or, like us, to meet new people and unleash your winning streak. (Just remember to act graciously when you win – this isn’t my strongpoint, I enjoy rubbing it in other people’s faces because I’m just that kinda gal.)

Just like flight club, you don’t need to keep score as the shuffle table is completely electronic and can identify the exact location of the pucks on the shuffleblock to instantly show the player their score on our interactive gamescreen. This mean you can focus on having fun rather than having to tot up scores. It also means that there’s no room for arguments over who wins as the tables decision is always final and you have no say in the matter.

There are 3 games to keep you occupied during your session (which goes far too quickly, as they say – time flies when you’re having fun!), these all incorporate different skills and techniques in the art of the shuffleboard, I started off very well and then slowly got worse and worse as each game has a different aim. Meaning you could be amazing at one and dreadful at a another game.

You’ll be split into 2 teams for play which also adds to the social aspect and means that you can achieve the perfect winning routine with your teammates, ready for when you steal the lead. You’ll be able to add your names at the screen and then you’ll be randomly allocated a partner for each game which means you get to test yourself against all different people.

I’m definitely going to be returning to electric shuffle, there’s really no doubt about it, It’s be great to see it expand just like flight club as Canary Wharf is a little bit of a trek but that won’t stop me as I had such a fantastic time and so many of my friends have asked if we can go. I’m going to have to book in for the brunch as soon as I can because all of this with bottomless Prosecco just sounds like something I can’t possibly miss out on, so watch this space for an electric shuffle brunch special.

Thanks so much to the team for having us!

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