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Zoo Lates are back at ZSL London Zoo!

Zoo Lates are back at ZSL London Zoo!

I’m very much in agreement that going to the zoo is one of the most interesting and exciting days out. But, wanna know what’s even better? An evening at the zoo. And that’s exactly what you can do at London Zoo in Regents Park as their Zoo Lates has arrived! It’s the perfect way to see all the animals with no little kids running around, also there’s plenty of food and drink to see you through the evening. I’ve had a few people ask me about this and then gone and everyone has said it’s amazing so you should probably try it too. I went along with Love Pop Ups London to check it all out!

The zoo lates start from 6:30pm and if you’re thinking of going you should probably aim to get there as early as you can so that you can cram all the events, activities and animal sightseeing that you possibly can. You’ll receive a little map with an outline of what’s happening and when so you can plan your evening down to a T.

We arrived a little closer to 7pm and headed straight for feeding time with the penguins. I’ve always loved the penguins, they’re just so fun and so to see them all out and about doing their thing was great. We also got to learn some fun facts along the way. Wish I could take one home.

Next we went for a wander, past the tigers and camels through into the farmyard animals. Sadly some of the animals were clearly tired after a long day and so we didn’t get to see every animal but It didn’t matter too much, everyone has to have a bedtime after all. Even on a Friday.

We then went for a talk with the lions, we only managed to see the Male, who was perched on top of a platform in his enclosure and didn’t really move a lot but we did learn a lot from the talk and this was really interesting.

According to our schedule, there was a little bit of time between this and the giraffe feeding and so we went on a little adventure, we saw the zebras, hippos, bats and lemurs before arriving at the talk. These giraffes are incredible. They seemed quite playful and weirdly it was as though they were listening to what the zookeeper was saying and acting upon it, chasing eachother round and having fun. Was so cool to actually see them in action as whenever I’ve seen giraffes before, they always seem to just be standing still.

We squeezed a few more animals in quickly after this but before we knew it, it was 9pm! This meant we didn’t have time to try the crazy golf but I’ve heard it was really good. So we went back to the main lawn where there was entertainment such as acrobatics and watched this for a while whilst chilling out on a big cushion with our cheeky free magnum ice lolly! Here we had a few ciders and just watched the world go by!

There are also guided tours that you can sign yourself up for, these come complete with a tour guide and I think I saw people using headsets for these. These are an additional £10 but everyone I’ve spoken to really enjoyed these tours and talks.

There are also lots of food vendors that set up for Zoo Lates and so there’s so much to choose from. Sadly we weren’t very hungry and so just left this, but next time I’ll be sure to not eat a big lunch before I go!

Obviously we had to pay a trip to the shop on the way out where I got myself a little meerkat as I loved seeing these and my friend Chloe got a turtle, the shop was actually so much more reasonably priced than I was expecting it to be which was a nice surprise!

I had such a great evening at the Zoo Lates and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and a little bit different to do on a Friday night. Thank you so much for having me and to Love Pop Ups London for organising. I’m definitely going to make this a yearly tradition.

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