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Mecca Got a Makeover at Players Bingo Camden

bAnyone that knows me is well aware of how much I love bingo. Not just any bingo though, it’s got to be fun. Lucky for me, that’s exactly what Players Bingo Camden offers. It used to be a Mecca bingo but has recently been given an exciting makeover so that it’s in the running with the other big boy bingo nights that London has to offer. I headed down to their launch party to check it out in the hopes of winning big!

I wasn’t too sure what to expect, I’ve been to various bingo evenings and events and each one is so different from the next, each with their own quirks and entertainment but I was pleasantly surprised after the queue diminished and we made our way in.

The first impression wasn’t quite the best as we found out what had been taking the queue so long and it turned out that one of the cloakroom staff was just standing having a long old chat with a (from what I assume) slightly drunk older man, talking about ibiza and leaving her colleague to stress about taking in 302849 coats.

We finally entered through the fantastic curtain of bingo balls, can I get one of these for my room? Seriously. Can I? Loved it. As we entered we were transported into a bingo player’s dream. There were bingo themed cocktails on the bar which were just incredible. Obviously I had to try all of them but my personal favourite was the #PlayersLounge which was Vodka, raspberries, blackberries, pomegranate, freshly squeezed lemon & topped with soda. but I also loved the Lucky Lotto – Gin, elderflower liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon & cloudy apple juice and the Blue Rinse -Rum, blue curacao, coconut cream, pineapple juice with ice cream crown. Any of these awesome cocktails are guaranteed to get you in that bingo mood and let your competitive side shine through!

We got to explore the room a little more, it’s filled with fun art and lighting and there was also a magician on hand to blow our minds completely (he nearly gave me £20 but it was just a trick and I was so upset).

It wasn’t soon before we headed into the main bingo room and WOW it was HUGEEEEE. It’s still very much like a usual bingo hall (well, from what I’ve seen in programmes and on the internet) but still had a fun vibe with colour changing lighting and everyone gearing up for a fun evening.

Throughout the evening, we played three rounds of traditional bingo games, where we crossed numbers off with our dabbers, and two short interactive games which used the interactive bingo pads on each of the tables in the bingo hall. this mean that there was ample opportunity to win, although we didn’t but the prizes were hugely varied and can be anything from a bar tab to a kayak, and there was also a fridge somewhere along the line and collections of money which are very appealing in these tough times… not too sure what I’d do with a kayak but I still wanted it then, to be honest, I still do now…

the bingo caller was a lot of fun, her name was Brenda and she introduced us to the live band and the fantastic bingo machine! which were both lovely touches to the evening. She did her best to get the crowd going but sadly I think it took a little longer than anticipated as people were still either eating their food or waiting (a long time) for food to come out. However, when the food did arrive, it was VERY Good. We were served a huge platter from Cheeky Burger which included, Burgers (obviously), chicken wings, nachos, onion rings and salad. I would come again just to eat this all over again. I believe the food will change monthly and is currently Eat Meat Cheese Repeat. Which looks baangggging.

We had a fun evening at Players and I would definitely return. I had planned to go back (and get some better pictures for this review but this fell through, instead have stolen a lot from their website) but will definitely be back soon and hopefully win! Hopefully now, some of the teething problems that we encountered will have been smoothed out for an even better experience.
Players takes place every Thursday and Saturday, with tickets costing £12. There are some tickets on the door but it’s safer to book in advance and turn up early to avoid disappointment.

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