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Creating a Masterpiece with Paint Republic & Stane Street Syndicate

Creating a Masterpiece with Paint Republic & Stane Street Syndicate

Recently I was invited to one of Paint Republic’s paint and sip events organised by Love Pop Ups London at Stane Street Syndicate in Clapham. Here we indulged in a tasty meal before we headed in to conjure up some artistic delights whilst bopping along to some music and having a little chit chat all while we were taken through the processes to copy the painting that The Paint Republic had asked us to reproduce!

Time for food!

I’ve been to Stane Street Syndicate before, a couple of times. Both for their delicious burgers and for drinks and nights out. I’ve always had a great time when I’ve been here and I’m working my way through their fabulous list of burgers. They have so many to choose from and are priced very reasonably.

We were able to pick any of the Ruby Jean’s Burgers and were also given a whole host of fries and sweet potato fries to share, I opted for the Posh Pollo which consisted of crispy coated chicken breast with sliced avocado, smokey bacon and Barbers cheddar. But also really liked the sound of the Katsu Chicken burger and so this will have to be my next choice!

Then onto the painting party!

Once we were suitably full we moved round into a private room where it was laid out with easels and paints for each person. We picked a spot and waited for further instruction from a qualified artist named Becky. She was super friendly and helpful and works as a set designer for tv and film and so certainly knew her stuff when it came to painting! We were shown the picture that we would be recreating ourselves over the course of the evening. It was a pretty painting which featured 2 flamingos on the water with a sky in the background.

I’ve not picked up a paintbrush in YEARS. By day I am a graphic designer but I chose to keep this secret as I knew people would think I could paint, however this is so far from the case. I’ve always liked art, art and photography were my favourite lessons at school but my painting talents don’t stretch very far.

Lucky for me, we were directed through the painting process step-by-step. which made it all a lot easier to end up with a better outcome and also made the whole thing a little less daunting. We started by covering the top two thirds of our canvas with our background colour.

You didn’t have to copy the painting exactly as it was, Becky said that you could let your imagination run wild, which a couple of people did whilst a few just changed the image slightly. I attempted to copy the image as closely as I could but it didn’t turn out looking overly similar.

Next we added the sea and the moon before cracking on with the hard part. The flamingos. It was at this point that it got tricky, even with the simple steps. This meant that my image started looking a little bit lopsided as I clearly couldn’t find the middle of the page. This is also when everyones started looking very different from one another however none of them were bad. Turns out we all found the knack for it after a little while thanks to the instructions.

The session went so quickly! I think it was partly down to the fun playlist that was on and that we all had a good time painting whilst getting to chat and get to know each other a little more! I’d definitely go to another session with friends and have a couple of drinks, it was a really fun experience and although I didn’t win the prize for best painting (obviously haha) I loved every second of it and now my work of art is taking pride of place in our living room. Although my housemates seem to hide it every time we have people round so maybe they’re not as proud of it as I was!

Thank you so much to Love Pop Ups London, Stane Street Syndicate and Paint republic for such a lovely evening!

By Bethlwebb

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