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The future of entertainment at Lola’s Underground Casino at The Hippodrome

The future of entertainment at Lola’s Underground Casino at The Hippodrome

I’ve visited the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square more times than I can count. It’s always a great night and there are so many different areas and activities that ensure each night will be different from the last but all are guaranteed to be fantastic. It’s been a while since I visited Lola’s underground casino in the bottom of the casino and so to hear that it’s had an exciting new update meant that I was very intrigued to visit along with Love pop ups London.

So, what does the update include I hear you ask?
Well, The Hippodrome have teamed up with Strut & Fret who are the masterminds behind Blanc de Blanc, Limbo and Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour to install a new digital theatrical installation which, alongside gaming, features live pop-up performances. This includes a HUGE screen which spans almost an entire wall of the bar area.

Lola’s Bar is named after famous showgirl, Lola Mcguire and hosts a couple of casino tables along with a fully stocked bar and bar area which also features various styles of performances each evening.

These performances have been stepped up a notch with the installation of the new 10 metre video wall which is said to enhance the performances using animations and video that work alongside the acts. I feel that some of these effects were quite simple, I.e a palm tree still image didn’t really add much extra to the performance, or a gold glittery background for some singers. It would’ve been great to have more advanced backgrounds which moved with the performance, however we had to leave early so these may have got more technologically exciting  as the evening went on. I do love the idea however.

There were various acts throughout the evening which captivated and pleased the audience and I loved the variety! Just like a cabaret. There were showgirls, magicians, dancers (and a freaky body popping section) acrobatics, singing and a man popping pingpong balls out of his mouth which was very strange but also so fun!

here are details of two of the performances which pop up throughout the evening:

Every Wednesday and Thursday join HM secret service in an evening of Double o Heaven featuring some of the greatest hits from your favourite Bond movies.

Friday fly to Sin City and hit the Las Vegas strip with sensational show girls, sizzling sorcery and mind blowing magic.

Saturday travel through time and watch the history of the Hippodrome theatre unfold as vintage meets digital in our circus show. World class performers bring to life tales of bygone days.

All performances run from 8pm to midnight and there’s no need to book or reserve in advance.

I’ll definitely be returning to see how this update changes and grows as they come to terms with new ways to make this screen work! It’s always a great place to sit and drink and so I’m looking forward to returning.

Thanks so much to hippodrome casino and love pop ups London for having me at the press launch!

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