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A Gourmet Journey through London with Bustronome

A Gourmet Journey through London with Bustronome

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I like finding exciting and innovative ways to enjoy food and experiences around London. Bustronome is something I’d been looking at for a while and so was delighted to be invited to review it alongside Love Popups London and a few more lovely bloggers. Bustronome is a restaurant on wheels, and not just any wheels! You’ll be seated on the top deck of a glass roofed double decker bus as it makes it’s way through London. All whilst you devour a gastronomical 6 course meal, with paired wines, on board as you take on the sights of London.

You embark on this special journey along the thames, just up from embankment station where the beautiful double decker pulls up and whisks you away on your tour of London. You’re welcomed onboard by the team and taken upstairs to your seats. Our tour wasn’t particularly busy which meant that we had the entire front area of the bus with a front-on view of the roads and obviously side views too.  This allowed for a full panoramic view as we travelled throughout the city.

Our journey began with a glass of a glass of champagne as we got familiar with our surroundings on top of the bus and deciding where we should all sit. It wasn’t long until the bus set off and we began gliding down the road and our journey had begun. We were on the bus which included the special easter menu… meaning that a lot of the dishes had the chocolate theme incorporated into them. Incredible.

Soon later we were served an appetiser which wasn’t on the menu. This was a green olive tapenade bruschetta and was so tasty and flavoursome. I’ve not always enjoyed olives but now I’m beyond obsessed with them so this went down a treat.

We drove east and past the royal courts of justice and St Pauls before heading over tower bridge. As we did this the food (and wine) continued. With the first dish being Mackerel ceviche in coconut milk with lime, coriander, goji berries and cocoa nibs.  I find that ceviche is very hit and miss. But when done well it can be incredible. I must admit this wasn’t the best ceviche I’ve ever had but it was definitely up there and I really enjoyed it, especially as sometimes mackerel can be SO overpowering. Also, it looked pretty too and I loved the addition of the Goji Berries.

The next course was Raw & cooked asparagus with quails egg & parmesan. This looked stunning. Complete with an edible flower – each person had a different one. I was a little scared to eat this as it just felt wrong and was quite big. But then again, I am a wimp. The parmesan crisp was a great addition and the egg was cooked to perfection with a gorgeous runny yolk.

It was about this time that we went over tower bridge which was when the views from the bus really came into their own. It was amazing to be able to see out the top and the corners of the bus which you wouldn’t normally be able to. This meant we could get some stunning views as we made the bridge crossing. The bus goes slightly slower than a usual bus so it meant we got a little more time to take in the scenery.

We were then served one of my favourite dishes of the evening. The Jumbo prawn with cauliflower risotto and white chocolate and verjuice. WOW. not only did this look fantastic, look at the presentation! It was so delicious. There was an eclectic mix of savoury from the main dish and sweet from the chocolate accents that just worked so incredibly well together. I could eat this over and over again.

By this time it was starting to get a little darker, meaning that all the pretty lights were on and we got the best of both worlds. London by day, and London by night. Sadly, a lot of the landmarks we saw were under scaffolding but Harrods looked spectacular all lit up! We were able to find out more about each of the landmarks and where we were due to the incredible interactive map which came with a fancy speaking pen. This gave facts about each place when you pointed the pen on the map. Such a cool touch.

Another incredible dish was the Venison, celery pont neuf and dry cranberry which was served with quite possibly the best chocolate sauce I’ve ever had in my life. It was insanely good and worked so well with the rest of the dish. I’ve never really thought of chocolate going well with meat but this proved me oh so wrong. I’m going to be thinking about this dish for a while I think.

Following this was the Goat’s cheese with honey and fresh pair. This was one of the less memorable dishes for me but nonetheless was still great. I love cheese and loved the honey glaze on the pear. It was a great transition from the savoury dishes to the sweet pudding at the end.

The pudding. Was. Dreamy. It was very in keeping with the easter theme as it was labelled as the Bustronome Easter egg. This wasn’t what I was expecting as it was a softer chocolate than the standard Easter egg, slightly more like a mousse and when you dug in you soon realised that there was a slight hint of popping candy. I couldn’t fault this although I was extremely full by the end of the evening and so it was a bit of a struggle to finish it.

And just like that our adventure was over. And what an adventure it was. Both in locations and an adventure for the tastebuds. I so enjoyed my trip on Bustronome and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is a little pricey (you can find out prices on their website) and so I would suggest it for an occasion or a celebration… or if you really want to impress someone! Thank you so much to Bustronome and Love Pop Ups London for such a fantastic evening!

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Disclaimer: this was a fully gifted experience in return for a review but all views are my own

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