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The Grand Expedition with Gingerline

The Grand Expedition with Gingerline

Gingerline has been on my London bucket list for years now. I remember someone talking about the first chambers of flavour during my first London job. Since then I’ve kept thinking it was something I need to get on board with. However, tickets can be incredibly hard to get hold of, as can any details of the immersive experiences that the Gingerline team create. I headed along on behalf of Love Pop Ups London for an evening at their latest venture, The Grand Expedition. I was on a mission to see if real-life Gingerline can live up to the expectations in my head.

Just to let you know, there are many things about the evening that I cannot tell you or show you as it would ruin the secrets and excitement. So, this review will most likely be quite vague until the The Grand Expedition finishes. Then, I’ll be allowed to divulge more of what happened with you. Regardless of this, it’s an incredible experience. I think you should all get tickets and get your bums to The Grand Expedition ASAP.

There is a lot of secrecy surrounding Gingerline and it’s events and this was no different for The Grand Expedition. No matter how hard you search online it’s difficult to find even a glisten of information that differs from what you already know. One of these secrets is the location of the experience. You’re only given the information that it’s somewhere on the Victoria Line. Then, approximately 3 hours before the event a text will be sent with details on how to get to the secret location. So be sure not to forget your phone on the day of visiting!

When you arrive to the venue you join the queue of people who are just as confused about you. Worrying if you’ve brought the right amount of costume. Whether you have the right style of goggles, the right shade of scarf. These are all items you are invited to bring with you via the first email, although are not compulsory. The queue slowly goes down as small groups are invited in past the doorman and into the world of Gingerline.

As you enter, it’s like being transported to a whole new world. The actors are fully into their roles and unable to speak in any particular language, think about the way that minions talk. This is how you will be interacted with throughout the evening. You make your way through the special doorway and into the main space where your Grand Expedition will begin.

I can’t tell you much from this point. I wouldn’t want to break the code. But you’re taken on an extremely immersive adventure, complete with 5 courses from a variety of cuisines. Along with this you can opt to get either the wine or cocktail flight which includes 4 paired cocktails or wines which work incredibly well with each course and adds that little bit extra to your evening!

It’s described as a floating, feeding and falling dream where Aeronaut’s (you) are taken on an incredible, edible journey to the clouds and back. It’s a 180 minute multi-media experience including elaborate set design, dance, story-telling, interactivity and immersive performance.

Alongside some incredible food and drink, there are some fantastic performances and immersive theatre. This allows you to feel like part of the performance and there are also moments where the actors need your participation and fun little parts that you can join in on too! It also gives you the chance to talk to people on your table and just creates a great evening overall!

I’ve already recommended this event with basically everyone I’ve spoken to since I attended. But I really would encourage you to try at least one Gingerline experience in your lifetime. Because you’ll get hooked and one will become 5 and 5 will become 54295. I can’t even explain how much we loved this experience and I’m already looking forward to the next. I’m also really looking forward to updating this blog post when The Grand Expedition is finished and I can show you all the incredible images!

Thank you so much to Gingerline and Love pop ups London for having us, it really was a magical evening!

(This experience was free in return for a review and included a bottle of wine and a welcome drink as well as food and entertainment but we also purchased a cocktail flight each).

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