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Ditch those winter blues with a festive evening at Winterville

Ditch those winter blues with a festive evening at Winterville

It’s finally December! It’s taken a while to get here but now that it’s arrived (I also know I’m very late to the party but it’s been a very busy and stressful few weeks in the world of Beth). I’m so excited to finally get into the festive spirit and find out all of London’s Christmas gems and ways that you can start celebrating that it’s not too long until Santa comes sliding down that Chimney! My first stop on my Christmas adventures was Winterville in Clapham. It’s a slightly smaller Christmas market than winter wonderland but also has a much more relaxed feel and offers a number of events and experiences that are destined to get you feeling fancy and festive. 

Based in Clapham Common, Winterville is the perfect place for my friends and I to get together and let our hair down for an evening. It’s not far from where we live and makes finding somewhere to head much easier now that the summer is far behind us and the days of warm evenings are a thing of the past and so it’s the perfect way for us to still be out in the (pretty much) open air for an evening. 

So what does winterville have to offer you say? But maybe the question should be what doesn’t it have to offer?

There’s a list of attractions as long as your arm including an ice rink, a cinema (backyard cinema), roller disco, crazy golf, circus show, fairground and many more so even if you can’t fit everything into one visit then you’ll be sure to cram a lot in to more than 1. They have an endless amount of weekly and one off events that you can buy such as: indeedy musical bingo, various dj sessions and karaoke!

As well as all these attractions, they have numerous bars, two food areas and various stands including a cookie dough stall (sadly I was too full from our other food to get this but next time I go, I will be first in line). On our visit, which was on the press evening of the first day that winterville opened this year, we first had a mulled wine to start of our visit in style. Even though it was out of a paper cup it still managed to fill the Christmas void that had been inside of me since 26th December 2017 and from that point on I was ready to explore what else winterville had in store. 

We headed off in search of some food, which is not a problem providing that there are so many different tastes that are catered for by the many vendors offering their delicious goods. There are two main food areas; the truck stop and street feast. We were sure to have a good look around at what there was and wow the choices were endless. Engine hotdogs, yumpling, Love churros, up in my grill, white men can’t jerk and yum buns to name just a few. We decided that we were in serious need of our first raclette of the season and so opted for Raclette brothers which was amazing. There’s quite simply nothing I enjoy more than melted cheese, and when you throw garlic potatoes, pickles and sausage into the mix it’s obviously going to be a winner.

After this we went on the Ferris wheel, mainly because my guest was terrified of the other rides (although I did manage to persuade her to go on the waltzer which she screamed her way through). We thought the wheel would be a great way to see the whole of winterville in one go.

We got off and heard a lot of singing coming from bar humbug, a smaller and less German version of winter wonderland’s barbarian bar. We walked in and were confronted with massaoke (karaoke from for the masses) where a live band sing the nations favourite song and there’s a screen with the lyrics on so that everyone can join in. We stayed here for the remainder of the evening and had the best time, although our throats were very sore the next day! 

There are still so many parts of winterville that I’m still desperate to try out such as backyard cinema as I’ve heard so many good things and the musical bingo which we’re heading to on Saturday. Winterville is sadly only open until the 23rd December so if you’ve not been yet I suggest you get a move on or you’ll miss out! 

For more info you can visit the winterville website

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