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The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar with BuckBuck Games

A hunt? For a Caterpillar? That Smokes? Your guess is as good as mine was as to what this event would entail. I headed along to this new immersive experience with Love Pop Ups London. It took place in a pub called The Owl & Hitchiker and is the latest in a string of events from BuckBuck games (who have apparently been described as Crystal Maze on meth). And so with this in mind, we set off on our voyage to find this mysterious smoking caterpillar.

These photos were taken at the event and credit is given to @buckbuckgames @stephanietrowellphotography and @futurefolklore

You’re probably already well aware that a caterpillar is a familiar face in the infamous Lewis Carrol story of Alice in Wonderland, and this was what the expedition was loosely based on. We were lucky enough to be able to attend one of the experience’s first runs before it opened to the pubic.

We were greeted by some friendly faces when we arrived at the Owl & Hitchiker and handed a pretty pink sparkly prosecco, I wasn’t too sure what was in it but it was super tasty and I’m now going to have to go on a hunt to find this creation in the wider world. We were also given some delicious nachos which we devoured within moments.

Somehow, a group of us were left downstairs and had no idea that the event had just begun upstairs and so missed a little bit of background although were informed that we hadn’t missed anything crucial. But once we arrived up there we were talked through what our mission was by The Baron and he explained that we would have to gamble, barter and bribe others in order to find out where the little smoking caterpillar was hidden! As with many cases, money is what makes the world go round and we were given ‘Golds’ to aid us through our journey to find the caterpillar, also known as Russell.

In this realm which took part in the upstairs private bars of the pub we were amongst a wild collection of characters, including a talking rabbit, The alchemists, The Fool and The Beauty who all held different information that would lead to the destination of Russell, however to gain this information, we had to use our brains and figure out all of their riddles…we even got to take part in a few games.

At points I became very confused by what was going on or how to work certain things out and how to persuade other players to help us or to give us information and some things required you to think out of the box. It really was a very peculiar immersive experience and at points I thought that nobody would ever have enough brain power to put together all the various bits of information in order to find Russell. However, this all turned out fine in the end when another team managed to find the key and clues to find the end part of the caterpillar puzzle and end the game.

It was a really fun way to spend an hour or so, and I’m not hugely sure how best to explain it as it really was something that you have to experience for yourself in order to understand it! The acting was second-to-none and so many aspects had been thought through so incredibly carefully that it made it all so exciting and work like clockwork.

If you want to be bamboozled, baffled and bribe your way to the top then this is the experience for you! You can find out more about it here!



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