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A very meaty feast at Silk & Grain

Now that Autumn is in full swing and winter draws ever closer, the days of summer barbecues and eating a refreshing salad for dinner seems like a thing of the distant past. Warm and hearty dinners are back on my radar… and if i’m completely honest, I couldn’t be more excited about it! Lucky for me, the other week I was invited by Nicola of East London Girl to join her and 13 other fantastic foodies to try out the new Feast menu at Silk & Grain.


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Silk & Grain is a beautiful, family-run steakhouse and bar with a modern-vintage vibe split over 2 levels. It’s located a very short walk from Bank Station (Northern Line, Central Line, DLR, Waterloo & City) and is only open on weekdays so it’s best you book before you dead down, just to make sure you’re not left disappointed!


Owned by the Salussolia family, Peter started Silk & Grain back in 1972 and since then the family has played a huge part in the development and daily running of the business. Peter’s wife Tina took on the role of secretary and their eldest son, Alex, is the Managing Director whilst Children Luisa and Nick are operation managers. It’s very safe to say that it’s a family affair!

The evening started in the bar area of Silk & Grain. I was a little last as I had to stay a little longer at work and so missed the first part of the event and didn’t get to mingle as much as the other people but I arrived to an extremely warm welcome. The food influencer and blogger community is so lovely and inviting which makes events like this even more exciting and fun, and means you get to meet a lot of different people with the same interests as you. We had a few nibbles such as olives and bread to kick off the evening and I was handed a super refreshing gin & cucumber cocktail – perfect after my mad dash across London.

We were then led upstairs to the restaurant area which overlooks the bar and placed onto a lovely long table which was all set up ready for our night of feasting. There were some lovely details along with copious amounts of wine such as a printed menu for each place and a card with all of our instagram handles printed out, this made it a lot easier to find everyone that was their via their social channels and made the whole evening feel a lot more personal, the handles were also written on a blackboard behind us. I felt like a celebrity.

Time went really quickly as we all continued to get to know each other and before we knew it, we were served our gorgeous starters. We each received the trio of starters which was a great way to try out a few things from what Silk & Grain have to offer in one go and without being too full to enjoy the rest of the meal. The three starters were; Glazed Pork Belly, Crab on Toast and Butter Poached Cauliflower Florets. I would always pick anything with pork belly as this is one of my firm favourites and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. It was tender and full of flavour, the pork melted in the mouth and I was a little disappointed when it was over. The crab wasn’t what I was expecting, ti was like a crab pate, very creamy but colder than anticipated from looking at it and not normally something I would choose from a menu, yet, I actually really enjoyed it and could now be sure to order something similar again if I was given the chance.

Next, the main event. The table was served three cuts of delicious meat, Porterhouse, Bone-in Ribeye and Rump Steak. All I can say is WOW. This was all so juicy, flavoursome and cooked to perfection. The quality of the meat shone through and it was clear to see that the sourcing of the meat is just as important as how it’s been cooked and served. Each piece of meat that Silk & Grain serves it’s customers can be directly traced back to it’s origin through their supplier – John Gilmour Butchers, who buy the majority of their meat at the St. Boswell Market in the Scottish Borders, using farms from the Tweed Valley.

These premium cuts were served alongside a variety of sides and sauces such as; salads, chips, sweet potato fries as well as everyone’s favourite… Mac n’ Cheese. This meant that there was something for everyone to enjoy and each side complemented the meat in a different but equally perfect way. Although, at points it was a little tricky to fit all of the food on the table…but don’t worry, we managed to finish it all.


The evening was rapidly drawing to a close and I didn’t have a huge amount of room left for pudding, but when they were brought out I magically changed my mind. The puddings were; trifle, chocolate baked Alaska and sticky toffee pudding (STP changed my life completely. Hands down the best sticky toffee pudding I’ve eaten in my life. I’m not a big fan of trifle and so I gave this one a miss, but can we take a moment to appreciate just how spectacular this looks?! I was confused by the thought of a chocolate baked Alaska, but can fully confirm that Silk & Grain are onto a serious winner with this one.


After my food coma had subsided I just craved this meal all over again for the next few days. It was a feast to remember and I would recommend this to any meat lovers out there. I also think it would be the perfect menu for a big group as the sharing side of this feast makes for a more social meal!

Thank you so much to Nicola and Silk & Grain for having me, it was a great evening!

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