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A Night of Divine Proportions at The Vaults

A Night of Divine Proportions at The Vaults

In the last year or so, I’ve been to a fair few events at The Vaults, under Waterloo stations. It’s one of my favourite events venues in London, mainly because of the amount of detail and time that goes into each of their immersive and alternative evenings and that you never really know what to expect until you get there and have your world turned upside down one way or another. This was no different when I visited last week on behalf of the Love Pop Ups London Team for the latest evening of entertainment… Divine Proportions.  *I took a LOT of photos at this event. Brace yourselves*


Divine proportions is the latest immersive event from Shotgun Carousel, a female-lead creative production and arts company based in London. And their latest venture is most certainly female led and creative. It starts at around 7pm and runs for around 3 hours, with a bar staying open until later in the evening. Divine proportions is running at The Vaults until January 2018 on Tuesdays – Sundays.


During your time at the vaults you’ll be taken on a mythological journey to heaven and back whilst embarking on some wild and raunchy entertainment and some mouthwatering food! From experience, I can let you know that Divine Proportions is an experience for the eyes, mind and belly.



As you enter the vaults through a wild and wacky colourful and textured walkway it sort of feels as though you’re heading into the underworld. You come to a tomb-like room with a stage and a bar where you can buy drinks to get you on your merry way. 

The bread and oil were served from hanging tables

We did end up standing there for quite a while although we were told the show started at 7, but at least this gave my friend and I a little time to catch up on recent events and also meant we were in  prime position for when the show started…AND for when they bought out the first course of bread and oils which we wolfed down (whilst trying to look like we weren’t). 

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Incredible acting and entertaining from the goddesses. 

The show started long before we actually realised as there were actresses in the crowd, chatting to people whilst in character (and revealing outfits) before they suddenly started their chanting and dancing and revealed the real star of the show, Dionysus who started us on our journey to heaven and a chance to follow the goddesses on our journey to heaven…through what seemed to resemble a giant vagina. 


The Giant Vaginia-like door we headed through

We headed upstairs to begin the 5-course banquet but before I could even think about the incredible food voyage I was about to embark on, I was dazzled by the setting for our feast. An array of fairy lights and crazy exciting decorations was enough to stop anyone in their tracks. When I own a house I may have a super extra room decorated just like this. I was in complete and utter awe. 


An amazing setting. I want my wedding (like that’s ever gonna happen) to be like this

We were shown to our seats on a sharing table very close to the stage (lucky seats) and had a peruse of the menu before the show continued with more choruses if familiar Madonna songs and exclamations of wildest fantasies. Along with some performances from other goddesses such as a cheeky striptease from Aphrodite and a dominatrix style bizarre wax dance from Persephone.


More incredible entertainment throughout the meal

The performances continued throughout the course of the meal and at times it was unclear which to focus on, but the atmosphere was electric, the entertainment second-to-none and the food exquisite… so. What did we eat you ask? 

The menu for the evening (Vegetarian menu also available)

I don’t often devour 5 courses in a night but this food was so fantastic and unlike anything I’d order in a restaurant that I felt I had to stuff myself silly. The starter was incredible. It looked a bit weird but the tastes were so amazing. I’m not sure I’ve ever had guinea fowl before but it was exactly like chicken so that kept me happy…I did however find it a little bit strange that it was served with basically a whole broccoli but that didn’t stop me enjoying it!



We were then taken back downstairs for the finale! Unfortunately my friend and I had to dash before this started so I didn’t get to see it 🙁 but from what I’ve heard it was amazing and included fire. Bit upset that I had to miss it but the evening as a whole made up for this and it was such a great evening! Thanks so much for having us!

You can find out more about Divine Proportions and get your hands on some tickets on their website or follow their Instagram here! 

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