Pooping Our Pants Watching The Nun in a Cemetery!

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Pooping Our Pants Watching The Nun in a Cemetery!

Back in 2001, my Brother and I thought it’d be a fantastic idea to watch Jeepers Creepers. I was 9 and he was 7… even though the (horrendous) film was actually only rated a 12, it scared us both for weeks. And since then I’ve loved watching a horror movie every now and then. This has to be a good thing as having a birthday 2 days before Halloween means that if I want to head to the cinema for a birthday screening I have to opt for the latest of 59393 horror films that have been released. So When I was invited along to watch one of Warner Brother’s latest releases, I knew I had to man up and tag along.

This wasn’t just any screening. Oh no. This screening wasn’t in a cinema. It was in a Cemetery. A creepy real-life Cemetery with actual dead people in the ground. If that’s not enough to make any film scary then I don’t know what is.


The film is called ‘The Nun’ and is being released in cinemas today! It’s the fifth part of The Conjuring Universe and is a spin off from the second Conjuring film. Funnily enough it revolves around a demon Nun…Valak. ‘The Nun’ is a prequel to the other 4 films and so if you haven’t seen any of these before then luckily you don’t even need to catch up! It pre-empts the spooky and supernatural events which occur in the previous films but also acts as a slight filler whilst fans are waiting for the next Conjuring Universe instalment.


We weren’t sure how this screening was going to go for this collaboration between Warner Brothers Uk and Nomad Cinemas (I also attended a screening of theirs back in December which you can read about HERE). It felt a little bit wrong to be watching a film about demons and evil spirits whilst sitting in the middle of a graveyard eating popcorn… but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected, I managed to sleep relatively well that night and so far can’t see any signs that I have been cursed *touches wood*.


We entered through the main entrance of Brompton Cemetery and collected our tickets. Amongst us in the queue were a few familiar faces including Joe Sugg, Various Love Island contestants,  Reggie Yates and Steph & Dom from Gogglebox (who we ended up sitting behind during the film) who had their photo taken by the mini red carpet and ‘The Nun’ media wall.


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We then began the trek down the centre of the cemetery which was lined with trees and graves, some were crazy huge. Like houses. Blue lights shone up at the trees and although it wasn’t fully dark yet, this made the area appear slightly more eerie than it usually would.


After a couple of minutes of walking we came to the first green tent. In here were drinks that we could help ourselves to whilst we waited to take our seats for 9pm. We then walked to the next tent and picked up a cute little tasty burger and some sweet potato fries…yum. The next tent had some risotto, we were particularly peckish and knew we needed some warm food so that we didn’t freeze during the film, which went on until about 10:45pm. Piggies.


We had a couple more drinks and waited until we were able to walk down to the film area. The screen was huge and inflatable, the picture was so clear and i’m just so happy it wasn’t raining or windy. The weather conditions were pretty much perfect for this event, they lucked out! (Although it would’ve been fabulous if it had been that little bit warmer.) Luckily we were supplied with blankets and popcorns on our seats and I had been clever and brought various coats and hoodies with us.



The film began at 9pm. The sound was good but there were also some bits that I couldn’t hear and had to guess some of the conversational dialogue, other than that it was a very good sound system for an outdoor cinema… I do think that I would have been far more scared if i had seen this film in an actual cinema as some of the jumpy sounds weren’t quite loud enough to make me jump and didn’t grip me fully. The last time I went to an outdoor cinema I had my own set of headphones and so think i would’ve been more immersed in this film had they been available.

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Throughout the performance there were masked nuns that jumped out to the audience and appeared in the arches of the cemetery which helped everyone to feel as uneasy as possible, such a cool idea and so well executed, this made the experience all the more exciting and you were constantly on the edge of your seat wondering where they would come from next.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 15.57.23

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 15.56.57

I won’t lie, although I did enjoy the film as a whole, I think I what I liked most about the evening was the scale of the event and how different this experience was to any other cinematic outing i’ve had. I’ll remember this event for a very long time. I feel ‘The Nun’ was a slight let down after all the madness surrounding it and wasn’t as good as the previous Conjuring film. Maybe my sights were set too high. I also missed a little chunk as the loo was a little walk from the screen and so was a little confused when I returned and there was a room filled with water. One of the scariest parts for me was the thought of being buried alive – this has always terrified me, after that a lot didn’t seem to phase me.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 16.00.23

If you’re a big horror film fan and are looking for a new one to watch then I’d definitely suggest this as it’s not the worst i’ve seen (back to jeepers creepers) but it’s most certainly not the strongest of the Conjuring Films. If you don’t like the jumpy ones then I would suggest steering well clear of this as you’ll be sure to jump a LOT.

Thanks so much for having me, I had such a fantastic evening!


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