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Flying High at Flight Club Darts

Flying High at Flight Club Darts

I’m always on the hunt for new places to check out or to spend an evening with friends, and a lot of the time I try to opt for something a little bit different to just a bar. Whether it be some crazy cool cocktails or an activity for us to all have a go at, step in Flight Club Darts. We were invited to check out just what this darts joint has to offer!
I’ve been wanting to check out Flight Club for quite some time now. It was even on my bucket list of London places to eat/drink which you can check out here and so I jumped at the chance to visit!
Flight Club has a couple of locations, 2 in London – Bloomsbury and Shoreditch (this is where we went) but also in Chicago in the US and offers experiences for all different sizes of groups so that you can tailor your visit to make sure you have the most amazing time possible (and trust me you will).
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We arrived on a sunny Wednesday afternoon at the Shoreditch venue and I was shocked by how busy it was inside! It’s weird to think that people go out and have fun when you’re normally in front of a screen for hours at work. It was also so much bigger than I thought it was going to be. So spacious and I loved the decor. There was a bar area as you walked in with separate dart board areas. These are called Oche’s and you can hire these on their website for as long as you desire or for as long as Is suggested for your group size.
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We were on an Oche downstairs where there were a quite a few large groups playing also. This gave it a great atmosphere and forced me to get fully into the swing of my debut in the darting world.
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We were talked through the whole Flight Club Darts experience by one of the lovely members of staff which was super helpful and easy to understand. She got us all set up on our Oche and took a picture of us and then left us to enjoy/ compete against each other.
I was so impressed by the amount of fun we had, I’m not sure why but I was just anticipating a game of standard darts and a scoreboard to keep track of who was winning. But the interactive electronic system made this all so easy and meant that you could play a whole host of different dart games and take pictures of yourself whilst doing so… we also weren’t warned that the winning shot was filmed and then played back on the screen which was very embarrassing when I fist pumped the air upon winning the first round. I hope nobody saw that!
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I really enjoyed all of the different games that you could choose from and the fact that it kept a scoreboard so it was clear to see that I was a far better dart player than my friend Abi, just to rub that in. Hehe. These were called demolition, Shanghai and Quackshot and all tested your aim and skill in different ways! We played all of these a few times and definitely saw a vast improvement in our playing as we continued, and even better that we were having the best afternoon!
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To top things off, Flight Club provided us with a glorious sharing pizza paddle and two of their signature cocktail slushies. There were a number of pizzas to choose from which all sounded delicious, but in the end, we opted for the Barbeque marinated chicken breast pizza with red fresh onion and it was very large but equally as delicious. I couldn’t recommend this pizza highly enough. The sauce that was drizzled over the pizza was like a miracle in my mouth. I’m writing this post whilst I’m very hungry which is never a good idea when talking about pizza this good. I’ve also just seen on their menu that they offer padron peppers which are fast becoming my favourite nibble ever so I know I’ll be ordering this on my next visit (I’m coming back with all of my pals). We also loved the slushy cocktails, we chose one of each flavour. The Cuco Fumada (Havana rum, koko Kanu rum, pineapple, coconut, lime, banana liqueur and smoked salt) and the Fruity Mare (Ketel One Vodka, Rhubarb and rosehip cordial, lychee liqueur, lime, cranberry and strawberry purée). Both of these were so refreshing and fruity, strangely I started off preferring the fruity mare slushy but ended having enjoyed the cuco fumanda slightly more. So maybe you’ll have to get both to decide which is your favourite…
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We had the loveliest afternoon at Flight Club Darts, thank you so much for having us! We also loved seeing our story of our day when the images and scoreboards were emailed to us the next day! We’ll definitely be back very soon and I’d definitely recommend this activity for anyone looking for a fun couple of hours with fantastic food and drink, no matter the size or age of their group!
Check out their Instagram, Twitter and website!
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