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A feast fit for a king with South Place Hotel

A feast fit for a king with South Place Hotel

There’s not much better in life than a dinner party. Food, drink and fun company. What else could you want from a Friday night? And that’s we’re South Place Hotel steps in. A few weeks ago They held Friday night dinner event named The Suckling Pig Dinner, which is just one of the many exciting events that they hold throughout the year. I was very excited to receive an invitation for me and a guest to experience this for myself, and *Spoiler Alert*, it was a fantastic evening of culinary delights! 

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We were the first to arrive at the South Place Chophouse which is located on the ground floor of this super modern and glamorous hotel, situated just a few minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station. There was a lovely long table set up for around 20 people and from that point we could just tell that we were in for a good evening. We took to our seats, which were slap bang in the centre of the table before being handed a lovely glass of champagne, just what we needed to start the weekend on a high.
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The other diners soon arrived and were shown to their seats. We were then greeted by the head chef of South Place Chop House, Guy Betteridge, who explained how the night would run and what sort of things we could expect from the menu. This was a lovely touch as we knew our food was in safe hands and it gave us a little bit of background. 

And then with that we were bought our first of the four courses of the night which was Chilled Pea Soup with Dressed Dorset Crab on Toast. This was an incredible colour, it reminded me a little bit of flubber or the slime in ghost busters but it most definitely didn’t taste that way. I never realised how much flavour a pea soup could have! I’ve also never actually tried a chilled soup and so this was a first for me which I was a little dubious about, however, I loved it. 
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The second course was Wye Valley Asparagus, Smoked Haddock, Crispy Hens Egg, Shaved Berkswell and Spring Truffle. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this because A) What on Earth is Shaved Berkswell (I later found out it’s cheese, and what a mighty fine cheese it turned out to be), and B) How can an Egg be crispy? I’m not completely sure how they managed to crispify the egg but it was gorgeous. Crispy on the outside and yet still runny in the middle, just how I like it! I’m not a huge fish fan but this was great, melted on the mouth and worked so well with the other components of the dish. And well for the Asparagus? Let’s just say I’m going through a strange phase in my life where I just can’t get enough asparagus to fulfil my cravings. I’ve gone asparagus mad. 
Next on the agenda was the main event. The bit that we were all waiting for. The highlight of the show. The Suckling Pig Stuffed with Garlic, Young Peas, Broad Beans, Morel Mushrooms and Jersey Royals. Our little piggy friend was placed on the end of the table which meant that we all had a chance to feast our eyes on our next course before it reached our plates. It was cooked to perfection, although it did make me feel a little wrong…but that didn’t stop me wolfing it down and enjoying every second and flavour. 

We were all given our plate of meat and then able to help ourselves to the sides which were placed on the table. There was so much food it was madness. Extra plates of pig were handed around before we all admitted defeat. It’s crazy how many people just one little pig can feed. Now I know why this is like gold dust on Bear Grylls Island. Although I doubt theirs would taste anywhere near as nice. 
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I knew I was overly full by this point but I couldn’t help myself when the pudding arrived at the end of the table. This was Baked Alaska, which was flambé’d at the table. They used Wray and Nephew for this, which unfortunately I have bad memories of and so I just tried to eat the bits that were slightly less alcohol infused. It was still lovely. I’ve never had a baked Alaska before, and I’d definitely be open to trying it again, maybe just without as much Wray. 
Soon after this it was time to leave, I won’t lie, I struggled as I was so very full. Wow, how can someone consume so much food in one sitting. I think I impressed myself. 
I’m definitely going to revisit South Place Hotel, even just on a trip to the loo I thought it was magnificent and since my visit I’ve been having a cheeky peak at the what the rooms are like and all I can say is that I’m very impressed. They also have a  Secret Garden, which looks amazing and one of the ladies at the dinner told me I needed to go, so I’ll be adding that one to my list! As well as this I need to try the rest of the meaty menu at the Chop House, the Suckling Pig Dinner has just left me wanting to know more…plus all of the food that I saw whilst I was there looked delicious, watch this space. 
You can check out more about South Place Hotel on their website! 

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    1. It was such a great evening and their hospitality was amazing! Definitely going to return soon, maybe I won’t eat so much next time! haha

  1. Every dish on that menu is completely out of my comfort zone but it sounds like a lot of love went into putting it together. Your photos make it all look delicious.
    Roxie |

    1. You could definitely tell that the Chefs (Especially Guy) love what they do and had crafted such a perfect menu. I was a little concerned about some of the dishes at first too but then I just went for it and got stuck in and surprised myself!

    1. Thank you! It certainly was delicious!
      Haha, no it was a little bit off-putting but also really interesting at the same time. My friend got completely freaked out!

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