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Shaking things up at Devonshire Terrace

I’m not completely sure what’s going on with the weather at the moment. It doesn’t seem to know what was going on. However, I’m determined not to let the ever-changing climate keep me from celebrating that it’s finally springtime and that summer is supposedly just around the corner. And with the changing of the seasons it means that the menus at the majority of our favourite bars and restaurants are beginning to change to be more summer-friendly. I was so excited to be invited along to taste the new Spring/Summer menu at Devonshire Terrace along with an incredible cocktail masterclass to learn more about their summer cocktails! 

Devonshire Terrace is located in Devonshire Square, which is just a couple of minutes from Liverpool Street station in London and is a part of Drake & Morgan’s collection of bars and restaurants along with The Folly, The Refinery, The Anthologist and a whole host more! All of these restaurants and bars offer a variety of fantastic food and scrumptious cocktails (of which I’ve tried my fair share at various venues and am a huge fan of the Drake & Morgan group).

I hadn’t previously visited Devonshire Terrace but was aware that they have recently refurbished the space and so was very excited to see how it was, *spoiler* It was lovely. As well as the spacious main bar and restaurant area Devonshire Terrace also has a gorgeous outside terrace area and 4 private rooms (we were in one of these) with sliding doors which means you can connect rooms together or close them off to suit your needs. It’s a large restaurant but it feels so lovely and cosy with a huge amount of detail and little things that just make the experience all the more enjoyable. One of my favourite touches were the Woolley/furry throws on some of the chairs. 
This was such a lovely event with a small handful of bloggers in attendance, i loved that it was a small group so I could get to know a few people. Such a pleasure to meet Nicola from East London Girl, Emily from London City Calling, Haydy from Squibbvicious and Emma from Emma Eats and Explores.

I arrived a little late after jumping on a tube straight after work but arrived to a small group of lovely ladies standing around a large table which looked beautiful and held all of the equipment and ingredients we were going to need to create one of the new cocktails from Devonshire Terrace’s summer menu. 

We got stuck in straight away and took directions from an incredible mixologist called Fabrizio Cioffi as we created our own version of the Yoga Mat & Cha cocktail, which included: Boutique-y Spit Roasted Pineapple Gin (which we got to taste on its own and I was already sold), Yoghurt, Almond Milk, Honey Green Tea, Baking Soda, Lemon, Sage and Hazelnut. I felt as though I had found my purpose in life, I was having the time of my life… and that was before I even tried the glorious cocktail. It reminded me of something you’d drink by the pool on a hot and sunny holiday. The yoghurt made it a little thicker than a standard cocktail but also more smoothie-like and maybe something you’d think was healthy enough for breakfast! I loved it, the issue was that it was so easy to drink but I think you’d be in big trouble after a few of them! 
Next, it was dinner time! We were whisked away to our private area where a lovely table was set up and waiting for us, we took our seats and were then served a series of canapé-style culinary delights along with a selection of bread and olives. I was completely in my element. It was so great to be able to sample a selection of all the tasty things that Devonshire Terrace has to offer, and all before I’d even ordered my food!

I decided to go for the the Chicken Wings to start, followed by the Roast Lamb Rump  and then finishing with a cocktail that I’d read on the menu previously and had fantasised about, the Creme Brûlée Martini (I was very torn for my pudding choice as the Dark Chocolate Torte with Raspberry Sorbet was calling my name – although I did steal a cheeky bite of this and a sip of the chocolate Brownie Martini too, but can you blame me?) 
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The wings were beautiful. Works of art you may say. They were served in a Maple, Ale and Chilli Glaze (wasn’t spicy do not fret). And although I was left in a little bit of a mess from the glaze I didn’t mind because it tasted to phenomenal and the chicken was so succulent it basically fell off of the bone. If you’re heading to Devonshire Terrace then I can’t recommend these highly enough. 
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Then it was on to the Roast Lamb Rump, this was served with Mash, Samphire, Cherry Tomatoes, Shallot and Currant Salsa. I loved this dish. The lamb was so tender and had so much flavour, it melted in the mouth almost instantly. I can’t fault the mash either. I know some people love a lumpy mash (father, I’m looking at you. I know you’re reading this) but I’m a big fan of a smooth, buttery mash and that’s exactly what this was. It worked so well with the tomatoes – which I’d never have thought of putting with an almost roast but it worked and helped to make the dish that little bit more summery!
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I was very full at this point and was so glad I’d picked a cocktail over a pud as I’m not sure I would’ve been able to fit it in! The cocktail was sweet enough to substitute and not feel as though you’ve missed out whilst others were tucking into their toffee-roast pineapple. I love creme brûlée and so this was one of the things I’d been super excited about! It tasted just like the real thing, with the burnt sugar on the top (although clearly this wasn’t as hard as on a normal creme brûlée), The martini was made up of; Bulleit Bourbon, Golden Falernum, Homemade Vanilla Syrup, Cream and Egg with sugar on the top. If you’re not feeling a dessert after your meal or you just fancy a sweet treat then you should definitely make your way through Devonshire Terrace’s Sweet Sips section. You won’t regret it. 
I’m so excited to return to Devonshire Terrace and explore the rest of their food and drink menus with my friends, I’m waiting for a sunny day so that we can chill out on the terrace in the sun! I’ll be back!
Thanks so much to both Devonshire Terrace and Roche Communications for having me 🙂
P.s Don’t forget to follow on Instagram to see what they have coming up!

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