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Flower Crown Fun and Fabulous Food

Flower Crown Fun and Fabulous Food

It’s been a crazy busy few weeks at work but as you may be aware, I like to work hard and play hard. So when I was invited to spend the day at Plate Restaurant in Shoreditch with Ferris Heart Sloane and Jeessica Rose Flowers for a Flower Crown making Workshop & Lunch there was no way I was going to miss it and i’m so glad I didn’t as it was one of the most wonderful afternoons. I met some lovely bloggers, munched on incredible food and came away with my very own flower crown that I made on the day!


Image by Rachel Lipsitz Photography

I arrived at Plate, which is located inside the uber trendy and modern M by Montcalm  hotel in Shoreditch, just moments from Old Street station and is a bar and restaurant and mainly focusses on British dishes whilst adding elements of French influences. As well as their A la Carte and set menus, they offer a wide array of Sharing plates so it’s the perfect place to head with a group of friends ready to be delighted from all the wonderful dishes whilst sipping on their selection of cocktails. As well as this they offer Afternoon teas and breakfast, but if you’re not feeling too hungry, Plate also has an in-house bakery for you to pick up some treats! They also have a fantastic offer on a Thursday which I’m dying to go to where you can get Bottomless wings and ribs for £10 per person. So get down to Plate ASAP.
Image by Rachel Lipsitz Photography 

The event started at around midday and it was a lovely warm day so after all introducing ourselves we began getting to know each other over a glass of wine on a table outside the front of the downstairs bar area. It was a small group of bloggers which was lovely as it meant that I got to speak to people in more detail and find out more about them. (I’d never been to such an intimate blogger event and so this was so lovely! I was scared that people weren’t going to be very approachable but each and every person that was there on the day was so inviting and friendly!)

With introductions done and wine successfully finished, we headed upstairs to the main part of the restaurant to where we were going to be taught how to make our flower crowns. There was a table just past the upstairs bar area which was completely decked with all of the tools we would need and laid out with a huge selection of artificial flowers from Ferris Heart Sloane, however if you were to just look at all of the flowers you would assume they were real, so beautiful and so many varieties which ensured that nobody would make similar flower crowns.
Image by Rachel Lipsitz Photography 

We all gathered around the table, trying to check out all of the flowers that we wanted to include and getting us many ideas as possible as Jessica from Jessica Rose Flowers introduced herself and got us on our way with creating our masterpieces. We started by connecting 3 different green pieces of wiring together using green tape (If you ever go to one of these masterclasses then you’ll understand the importance of this miraculous green tape, it plays a huge part in creating a flower crown.). We then looped the wire around our heads to create a circle that we know will fit perfectly! Which is great for me as I have a tiny head and often find that things like this will fall straight down!
Image by Rachel Lipsitz Photography 

I then began to lay out my idea for my flower crown and picked up the flowers and foliage I wanted to use to create the look I was going for. At this point you could slightly see the vague look that everyone was going for and it was so fascinating to see just how different each and every one was! So many different styles and colours which matched people’s personalities to a tee! I opted for a slightly less crazy flower crown than some people as I quite like simplistic accessories – plus seeing as I have a peahead, I didn’t want to get too lost beneath the crown.
Image by Rachel Lipsitz Photography 

After collecting the flowers we were going to be attaching to our crowns we began to connect them to the wire circle and I saw my crown beginning to take shape right in front of my eyes. However, this was all very hungry work and so we took a much-needed lunch break.
We were lead around to the other side of the restaurant to a lovely big table which we all clambered around and selected our food off of the flower workshop set menu, I was so hungry and so excited to see what culinary delights I’d be faced with. Before our starters were served, we were given a couple of Plate’s signature bread flights. I always enjoy bread in a restaurant but this was on another level. Wow. The flight consisted of three different types of bread which were Sourdough, a mushroom brioche and a marmite roll. Which was INSANE. I’m not the worlds biggest fan of marmite but seeing everyone else on the table’s reactions to their first bite made me feel like I was missing out. So I tried it and now I find myself telling people about it and how tasty it was. The bread was served with whipped and seasonal butters which were mushroom (I think?) and balsamic, all three were also very tasty and worked so well with the breads. I think I may have had a whole little dish of the balsamic one so sorry to anyone who didn’t get to try any. I couldn’t help it.

Next up was the main course, I went for the pan roasted chicken breast with black olive curd, asparagus and sauce vierge. It was glorious. Such tender chicken, plus I don’t think I ever truly appreciated asparagus until this moment. Maybe I’d just tried some horrendously cooked asparagus before this but I never wanted to run out. As well as tasting gorgeous, the presentation was fantastic. It’s got a big thumbs up for me.
I love a desert, and Plate definitely delivered. I had the Coffee brulee with chocolate ganache, amaretto and espresso ice cream. I don’t drink coffee but quite like coffee flavoured things as long as its not an overpowering coffee taste, which this was. It was delicate and you could still taste the flavour of the amaretto and the chocolate also came through perfectly. This pudding also gained top marks for presentation. The sugar on the top was like a dream.
Image by Rachel Lipsitz Photography 

Before I knew it, we were back around the table and my flower crown was almost done! I’d strayed a little from my first layout, adding a couple of pink orchids to add a little bit of colour and more levels to my crown. I had a few issues with the foliage as these were a little but fiddly but I got there in the end thanks to the help of Jess.

I’m so happy with how my flower crown turned out, yet saying that, everyone’s looked so good! Thank you so much to Plate, Ferris Heart Sloane, Jessica Rose flowers and Lauren for having me to such a fantastic event and to all the other bloggers who helped me feel so welcome! Also to Rachel Lipsitz Photography for capturing such lovely photos of the day!
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