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Get fit & have fun with Disco Yoga!

In recent years, yoga has become rapidly more popular and many people have begun to incorporate yoga into their modern lifestyle and it’s very apparent that the health benefits of yoga stretch further than I originally thought and it’s far more than just helping to rid the body of stress.
You may have already heard of various alternative styles of yoga such as Bikram (you’ll most definitely work up a sweat if you sign up for this), Aerial Yoga (this looks fun hanging from the air whilst you stretch) and there’s even dog yoga, where you can meditate and work out alongside your pet pooch! BUT. The other night I attended a new class that ensures  you have a whole lot of fun whilst learning the yoga basics and getting a little hot and sweaty whilst shimmying to some of the best boogie tunes. STEP IN DISCO YOGA

Gearing up for Disco Yoga - I even wore matching socks for once!
Gearing up for Disco Yoga – I even wore matching socks for once!

Disco Yoga is a yoga class inspired by a generation of ‘mindful drinkers’ as well as those who simply want fitness to be fun and uplifting! It’s for people who love to train hard and party hard, disco lovers, yoga aficionados and first timers looking for a new way to unwind and socialise.
There are currently 2 weekly options for Disco Yoga, Tuesdays at Trapeze bar in Shoreditch (this is the one we went to) or on a Wednesday at Prince of Peckham…In Peckham, duh.
Trapeze Bar
Trapeze Bar

Trapeze bar all ready for yoga
Trapeze bar all ready for yoga

We arrived at Trapeze Bar at around 7 and had a seat in the bar area until the Disco Yoga team were ready for us. We then headed downstairs – ready to get our disco on! If I remember correctly (which I should as it was only the other night) there were about 25 people in the class overall and when we arrived, all of the branded Yoga Disco mats were perfectly laid out (So handy that you don’t have to provide your own mat). We dropped of our stuff and ran to claim two mats next to each other like the 5 year olds we secretly are (I didn’t want to unexpectedly topple onto a stranger and flatten them, I have the worst balance on the planet.)

After this we excitedly made our way to the glitter station to glitterfy ourselves so that we were disco ready. This was a nice touch as it made the experience feel more unique and meant that you could bond over glitter-skills with other yogis, especially good for those who came to the class on their own (I could never ever do this, kudos to you).
Disco Yoga - Sarah Hunt Disco Yoga – Sarah Hunt

The class then began. There were three of the Disco Yoga squad at the front of the room, one of which was a heavily pregnant lady named Sarah Hunt (and yet she was still far more agile and able than I was or will ever be), it actually turned out that it was her last class before the baby was born and due to this she was presented the cutest little Disco Yoga branded Babygrow to match their team tops! Sarah was directing the class, but unfortunately for me she was standing directly behind a pillar so it was hard to see what she was doing as she explained it. Yet, saying this there was another instructor directly in front of me who was also fantastic (and crazy bendy) but was occasionally a few seconds delayed and so at select points this meant that my tiny brain got a little bit confused. As well as these two ladies there was also a DJ who ensured that the entire class had the perfect disco backing music (including songs such as We Are Family and Kung-Fu Fighting). Each of these lovely ladies sported super jazzy leggings which helped everyone to get into the disco spirit. I want some disco pants!
We started slow and steady, focussing on our breathing before coming up to standing and then to the downward dog before we embarked on a series of carefully thought through yoga sequences, each to a different 80’s tune and with tailored dance moves to suit the beat and add a bit of fun into the routine.
There were a number of these short routines but it actually went really quickly, strange as I usually find myself wishing that the class would end, but I didn’t find this during Disco Yoga (Well, time flies when you’re having fun!)
Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.13.01
We started the cool down part of the class – my favourite bit because I’m lazy. We laid back and refocussed on our breathing as we closed our eyes and listened to the soothing sounds of the music. I very nearly fell asleep at this point, even though it usually takes quite a long time for me to drift off.
Getting my Disco on
Next thing I knew, the lights were back on and we were back upstairs in the bar, sipping on the cocktail that was included with our ticket! I opted for ‘Going coco down in Acapulco’ – A coconut margherita, the coconut water from Vita Coco helps you to stay hydrated after your class, and the chia seeds help to boost the immune system – exactly what i need during this FREEZING weather. My friend went for the ‘Disco Inferno’ which was like a bloody Mary with chilli and ginger, which both have anti-inflammatory properties as well as the tomato juice which is jam-packed with vitamin C. It also contains lycopene which is said to lower the risk of disease. Both of these cocktails were delicious (sharing is caring) and gave us some time after the yoga to sit and reflect on what had just happened.
Processed with VSCO with av4 preset
Going Coco Down in Acapulco & Disco Inferno

So if you’re looking for a fun way to keep fit or just want to try something new then you should seriously consider popping down to Disco Yoga! You can book tickets HERE! It’s a great alternative form of yoga and is suitable for both men & women. It’s a fab way to spend time with friends, PLUS you get to enjoy a delicious cocktail afterwards. What more could you want in life?
To find out more about Disco Yoga you can visit their website HERE
Or follow them on INSTAGRAM and Twitter!

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