A night to remember at The London Cabaret Club

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A night to remember at The London Cabaret Club

Dine. Dance. Dare.
Everyone’s heard of cabaret, and although it can often come across as cheesy if not executed probably, this is far from the case of The London Cabaret Club located close to Holborn in the beautiful ballroom at Victoria house. We headed down at the weekend to see their latest venture, London Never Dies and it really was a great night, it’s great to experience something completely different from your usual Saturday night out in the centre of the city. And what’s more, with Valentine’s Day coming up they’re putting on a romantic version of the show called Love Never Dies!

I’ve been to The London Cabaret Club previously, a few months ago to see their ‘Best of British Pop’ show with a few friends which was also a great evening with lots of incredible performances to some of my favourite shows. I wasn’t sure if the James Bond inspired  ‘Love Never Dies’ show could top my first experience but it was an absolute delight.
The London Cabaret Club hosts a live entertainment show paired with a gourmet dining experience, the finest champagnes, wines and theatrical cocktails to enable you to have a truly sophisticated and memorable evening.

As you enter the grand Victoria House on Bloomsbury Square through the turnstile doors, you are immediately ushered down into the entrance area of the ballroom where there is some pre-show entertainment. In this case it was a man singing some lovely jazz songs as people mingled around the room. There’s a cloakroom and a bar so you can really get prepped and be ready for when you’re shown to your seats in the ballroom.
The ballroom itself is beautiful. It’s been the backdrop to many film and television shows, including the most recent Wonderwoman, Made in Chelsea and The Crown. It features a stage in the centre of the room which is then lined with seating and tables, where you can drink and dine until your heart’s content. The good thing is that that due to levelled seating, wherever you’re sat you’re still bound to have a great view of the show!

There are different packages to choose from, starting with just show tickets all the way up to the VIP show and dinner package which is jam-packed with exciting add-ons and even includes a 5-course gourmet meal and a meet and greet with the show’s stars. So whatever you’re looking for there’s a package to suit you! Our package included two glasses of champagne each which was a lovely touch and really made you feel like you were celebrating in style.
The show itself is a feast for the eyes. So many beautiful outfits, outstanding and synchronised choreography…not to mention the singing. Those people have some insane talent. My friend was transfixed during the Skyfall number. And as if it couldn’t get any better, THE SHOW HAS A DANCING DOG! As well as some heart racing acts including a roller skating duo which had us all on the edge of our seats.

So if you’re looking for a different sort of night out where you can feel fancy whilst watching some world class entertainment why not visit The London Cabaret Club website and see what takes your fancy!

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