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Valentines with In The Style -#ITSnotadate

I’m sure you’ve heard of In The Style by now. But just in case you haven’t, it’s a great online clothing company which has gone from strength to strength since it was launched by Adam Frisby in 2013. The brand is known for it’s collaborations with various well recognised reality tv stars and this Valentine’s Day these collaborations have teamed up to create the 2018 Valentine’s collection – Totes Over It, in which the 5 leading ladies show is what we really want for Valentine’s instead of chocolates and roses!

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To celebrate this launch, In The Style (ITS) pulled out all the stops to create the perfect launch party at Libertine Club, just off of Oxford Street. This party was definitely all about the girls, as soon as you arrived there was a cage filled with muscly topless males by the entrance labelled ‘please do not feed the f*ckboys’. (Sorry for the photos, it was really dark and weird lighting in the club)

You then went down the stairs into the main area of the club where you were faced with a candyfloss stand and a popcorn machine which was popping out PINK popcorn (tasted amazingggg!). There was then a giant heart made out of various shades of pink balloons which was perfect for all the photos your camera could handle.

The walkway to the bar was lined with heart balloons and more sexy men in cages (no complaints from me) as well as a GIANT chocolate fountain and a beautifully designed cake. I actually don’t think anyone ate this all night as it was just so pretty to look at. There were pick n mix containers dotted all around, it was sort of like being in a weird twisted heaven, because there would obviously have to be a free bar in heaven. Duh.
The night started slowly as people began to arrive, lots of them sporting various ensembles from ITS. There were bloggers and influencers galore, press and reporters and a handful of the models which feature on the ITS website filling the room before the 5 In The Style collaborators (Charlotte Crosby – Geordie Shore, Billie Faiers – The Only Way Is Essex, Binky Felstead – Made In Chelsea, Olivia Attwood – Love Island and Sarah Ashcroft – Big time vlogger/blogger and influencer) began to arrive with their pals and other reality tv stars.

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The drinks continued to flow and the party began to hot up before a bellowing voice came through the speakers to welcome everyone and introduce the 5 designers. This is also when I found out that there was going to be a catwalk to showcase all of the latest designs from the collection, I thought this was such a lovely touch as it gave me the chance to see how these items look IRL rather than just from a model on the website. So here are a few of my favourites that I’ve been debating over! Let me know what your favourites are too!

You can check out the latest collection Here!
Or follow them on Instagram and Twitter to be in the know (they also run some insane competitions which I’m still hoping to win soon).

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