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The BrowGal has landed in the UK!

I don’t seem to have had the best of relationships with my eyebrows. When I was younger I’d pluck and pluck and even tried shaping them with scissors, and at one point took a razor to them (silly move I know). Since then I’ve been trying to make them my friends again. So, I jumped at the chance to try out a range of The BrowGal UK products from The BrowGal herself, Tonya Crooks! She’s just brought her line to the UK and they’ve set up shop in the world-renowned Selfridges on Oxford Street!

Tonya Crooks - The BrowGal Film Strip
Tonya Crooks is a fine artist, a brow extraordinaire with a huge host of celebrity clients to her name. She’s worked on some of the most famous brows in the world. With big names such as Natalie Portman, Eva Mendes, Britney Spears and Fergie under belt it’s safe to say she’s very well known in the eyebrow world. And now she can add ME to that long list! I feel very privileged.
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.59.31
Tonya studied fine arts in London before discovering an interest in make-up and providing beauty services for photoshoots to support herself through college, she then moved back to USA to work as the Regional Beauty Director for Nordstrom and continue to grow in this field and to gain contacts. Her clients often asked how they could recreate her amazing work themselves, and so with that Tonya began to create a line of brow products that will make your brows the envy of anyone who crosses your path.
Tonya Crooks - The BrowGal
With a salon in LA and her products selling out all over the globe you can now visit the hotly anticipated stand of The BrowGal in the UK in the beauty workshop space in Selfridges. So I popped along to talk to Tonya and for her to give me my very own Brow makeover in an attempt to salvage the slugs above my eyes.

I’ve not had my eyebrows done for quite some time, not since I visited a very well known makeup company which will remain unnamed and was left a lot less than impressed with the results of my caterpillars. I had a tint and shape but was left with some very wonky and MASSIVE brows. I had an event that evening and could just feel that everyone’s eyes were automatically drawn to the two messes on my forehead. However, I can safely say that this was not the case when I left The BrowGal. I’m in love with the new look of my brows.
5439A75C-66EA-4C4C-90D3-1C2F73AE8F44BrowGal_Second_Chance_3-min_1200xWe discussed how I was finding it difficult to regrow my eyebrows where I’ve previously over plucked them and Tonya showed me the solution to all my problems. It’s called the Second Chance Serum, which is a brow enhancement tool which aims to deliver noticeable results in just 4 weeks and can be used for both brows and lashes!. It has a button on the end of the applicator which vibrates (has 3 speeds) to help stimulate the follicles. I can’t stop thinking about this product so I definitely need to start saving my pennies so that I can have this in my life. My brows and eyelashes will thank me later.BrowGalTaupePencil-min_1200xFirst of all Tonya talked me through the three main eyebrow shapes that most people fall into. the arc, the arc and straight, at this point I found out that I have an arch but with a rounded bottom line that resembles more of the arc. She then showed me how to identify where the brow should sit on the face and how to connect these points using the Eyebrow Pencil. These come in 6 different colours so you can easily match it to your hair and skin colour, I found out that I was shade 5 – taupe. Which is apparently the most popular shade. Especially in Sweden (I thought they were all super blonde).

After this she used her tweezers and scissors to tidy the outline of my brows and then followed this with The Convertible to fill in the gaps between and below my eyebrows and to create the appearance of there being hair there. What I loved about this product was that it had two uses. As a powder to help define brows but then also if you add a drop of water it acts more like a Pomade and then dries again. Just like magic. Which makes sense because Tonya seemed to be a magician.

All of this was then sealed with The Eyebrow gel to ensure my eyebrows didn’t shift throughout the day or during my event that evening. And I can tell you that they did not budge or disappear at all. Amen. A highlighter pencil was then used under my brow to add shimmer to the brow bone and to define the brow further, these come in 3 colour shades and are formulated with green tea and alfalda to reduce appearance of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
I left with my head held high and just wanted to show off my new brows to everyone. I was lucky enough to be handed a goody bag with a few of the products that I can’t wait to use and try to recreate the masterpiece that Tonya made.
You can see in the pictures below how my brows looked after and before (they didn’t want to go in the right order!)

The BrowGal in Selfridges
So if you’re looking for a way to perfect your eyebrows then why not pop in to Selfridges to have a chat and see what they can do for you! If you don’t live near Selfridges then have no fear! You can buy all of The BrowGal products on their UK website HERE or on the original Website HERE.
So do your face a favour and check out The BrowGal UK

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