Eggsploring at Creme Egg Camp!

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Eggsploring at Creme Egg Camp!

I LOVE CREME EGGS. There, I said it. I look forward to them all winter long (although they seem to be appearing earlier and earlier each year now). So I was over the moon to attend the new creme egg pop up which opens today in Shoreditch! It’s called the Creme Egg Camp and it’s here to help you celebrate ‘Creme Egg hunting season’ and hopefully give you more of a chance of finding one of the extremely rare white chocolate eggs!

Held at The Last Days of Shoreditch (an event space) you enter with your map through various lit fir trees, think magical enchanted forest. There are tree lined paths that lead you to the centre of the camp where there is a little a campfire (not real, don’t be silly) with little log seats for you to have a rest from looking for all of those pesky creme eggs!
As it was the launch event for the Creme Egg Camp there were lots of creme egg delicacies to try including snacks and cocktails! The snacks are available when you head down to the event over the next 5 weeks so don’t worry, you won’t miss out! They have quite a few dishes for you to choose from, don’t worry I took one for the team and tried them all for you – I can safely say that they are all delicious. At the campfire kitchen they offer;

  • Forest-top Fongoo: deliciously dunkable, crispy campfire breadsticks and juicy strawberries, ready to dip into a molten swirl of melted Creme Egg.
  • Campfire Cookies: utterly goolicious choc chip cookies, topped with broken Creme Egg bits.
  • Woodland Waffles: campfire-fresh crispy waffle, with a garnish of Creme Egg and chocolate drizzle.
  • Fire-pit Toasties: gooey on the inside, crispy on the outside – it’s the return of our legendary Cadbury Creme Egg Toastie

The drinks were great, obviously I had to try them all… there was a rum hot chocolate with melted marshmallows which was exactly what I needed to warm me up after waiting outside for my friend for 40 minutes. As well as this there eggtinis, the Creme Egg take on a martini and the classic & gootastic which had salted caramel vodka and cream in it so it was very luxurious and milk-like.
As well as tasty treats you also have to hunt for creme eggs as you explore, with the chance to get your hands on a white one where you can win lots of money if you can find one! You can get your picture taken at the Creme Egg nest with the massive creme egg props that make you look like you’re tiny.
We followed on the path and ended up at the Creme Egg canoe, where we managed to spot The beaaautiful Maya Jama having a little photoshoot.
After this we found ourselves at Eggsplorers HQ where we had lots of photo ops and got to look at all of the Creme Egg props and pretend we were actual explorers before retreating to the treehouse for some tasty fongoo and strawberries before finding our way back to the ground via the slide from the top of the treehouse.

If I were you I’d get your tickets for this event now! There aren’t a huge amount of tickets and the Creme Egg events have sold out every year! You can get tickets HERE, they are only £5.83 and include one of the goolicious treats and either a hot or cold drink. And even better, all proceeds go to The Princes Trust charity!

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