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Beat the January Blues with Fruiteatox

Beat the January Blues with Fruiteatox

January can be an immensely dreary month. Christmas is over, you’re back at work, all of your money has mysteriously vanished and there are hundreds of disgusting illnesses flying around the streets (I think I’m only just starting to feel human again). I’ve spent many a January searching for something that can brighten my month and make me feel fabulous but I think I’ve finally found something that gives me that boost and helps to make the first month of the year that little bit more bearable.
Let me introduce you to my new January lifesavers…Fruitteatox!

Fruiteatox is a UK based tea company that focus on detox teas and aim to help you to live a healthy stress-free lifestyle and want to assist you in creating a healthy lifestyle that keeps in line with your body’s wellbeing, so you may as well kiss goodbye to all of those fad diets that you’ve tried and failed at.
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Fruiteatox have created fantastic detox teas which contain a lot less of the unnecessary ingredients in them that many other detox teas have and can often cause less than pleasant aftermaths and aftertastes.

Although the lemons and oranges that form the base flavours for the tea are grown and picked in Spain, the tea is blended and bagged at a facility in the UK which is a part of the UK Tea Council and has been certified by the Ethical Tea Partnership.
I was sent the 14 Day Teatox which includes two packs of tea that will see you right the way through for 2 weeks. The 14 Day Teatox is combined of 14 Daytox Lemon Teabags which are to be drunk every morning for the fortnight & a pouch containing 7 teabags filled with Sleeptox Orange Tea which is to be drunk every other evening of the two week timeframe.

The Daytox blend is made up of lots of exciting ingredients with different health properties such as Ginseng (Super Herb – great for fighting fatigue and increasing stamina), Ginger Root (helps to soothe the digestive system, boosts circulation, helps with bloating and can relieve nausea), Yerba Mate (helps to slow down digestion to help you stay fuller for longer), The Guan Yin Oolong (known as the Iron Goddess, gives off a lovely smell and aids the fruity taste in the teas) Liquorice Root (effective at fighting high amounts of fat in the blood), Lemongrass (can help to relieve coughs and nasal congestion – this is exactly what I need right now, I feel like my eyes are about to fall out of my head!), Fennel Seeds (source of dietary fibre and filled with A, C & E Vitamins), Lemon Peel (wakes you up in the morning and keeps you feeling alert through the day – helps these teas to taste so good!) and Lemon oil (which boosts the immune system, aids weight loss and helps to cleanse the body). With all of these nutrients and health boosting properties, you’re left feeling fabulous for the day after your morning tea!

The Nightox on the other hand has ingredients which work together to help you get a better night’s sleep and to ensure that your digestive system has the correct nutrients it needs to do it’s thaang. These teabags are made up of the following: Chamomile (known to have sedative effects which will help you to sleep like a baby), Senna (has been said to have a laxative effect and can give your digestive system that little helping hand it needs to help get rid of toxins), Velerian Root (often used in the treatment of insomnia but is also used in treating anxiety and pain caused by IBS, can also be a muscle relaxant), Hawthorn Leaves (increase the blood floor to the heart and so can help with circulation and blood pressure), Lavender (A well known remedy for insomnia, also is an anti depressant and can reduce your level of stress), Orange oil (a natural cleanser with anti-inflammatory qualities. Can help to boost immunity and maintain healthy glowing skin) all of these are tied together with a fruity tang from the Orange peel to create a beautiful cup of tea that will help you to be well on your way to sleep.
I’m really enjoying the taste of the Fruiteatox teas. Having only just started to get into tea in the last half a year, i’m delighted by the strong taste of these teas. They don’t taste like watered down fun and they seem to be working! I’ve been feeling a lot less bloated and a lot more with it (I tried it with a huge January cold to start with so it had to work twice as hard to wake me up!!). Also. I don’t like ginger. I like nothing to do with ginger, or at least I thought I did. I’m extremely surprised that I enjoy drinking the Daytox tea. The lemon works so well with the ginger to actually create a nice taste, plus it’s said to increase stamina, suppress appetite and to help you to stay fuller for longer. I really can feel the difference.
So, what are you waiting for? banish those January blues and click HERE to order your new morning and evening staple, and be quick, the sale only lasts a few days! Fruiteatox also offer free little extras such as smoothie recipes, a vegan eating plan and an exercise plan to really make this your month and start getting back to your absolute best!
You can also find out more about Fruiteatox on their InstagramInstagram and Twitter!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the amazing and detailed blog post after trying our Teatox! We love hearing what you think!
    We’ve actually just extended our sale to continue until midnight Jan 22 now so please feel free to share the good news! ?

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