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Heading West: Chowing Down at The Kings Arms

Heading West: Chowing Down at The Kings Arms

As you’re probably all aware, I love going out for an evening and indulging in some tasty food and drinks as well as good company, yet I often find myself heading towards Central London to do this. So when I was invited to The Kings Arms in Hanwell to try a selection of their food and drink I was excited to be able to just hop on a 15 minute bus in a Westerly direction!

The Kings Arms is located on Uxbridge Road and is a part of the Frontier Pubs group which has a variety of pubs all over London including Clapham (Coach & Horses) and Tooting Bec (Rose & Crown). The Pub itself has been around for a while after it was rebuilt in 1930 but has been recently restored and refurbished to make the most of its gorgeous original features and has managed to create the perfect hang out spot for an evening with friends!
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Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m pretty much addicted to pizza. So The Kings Arms is perfect for me. They offer a wide range of freshly made pizzas (gluten free options also available) along with their signature Nutella Doughnuts and a whole host of carefully selected alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The Kings Arms Staff (taken from their instagram)
The Kings Arms Staff (taken from their instagram – Follow them to see all the fun and exciting things that are going on!)

My friend arrived a little earlier than me (always fashionably late) and so she went in and waited for me to arrive. As soon as I reached The Kings Arms I was treated amazingly by the attentive and friendly staff, particularly Cameron who made our visit even more fantastic. Everyone seems to know a lot about the menu and the pub itself and you can see that they all enjoy working there, we could even see the chefs joking around in the kitchen as they flipped their pizzas. This made the atmosphere even more comfortable than it already was.

It’s quite a large pub, with two separate sort of areas, the front (where we were seated) with the main bit of the bar and the kitchen and another room a little further back. On the night that we visited there were two bands/musicians playing and so this back area was a little more crowded and lively. The nice thing was that the music carried really well from the back room right to the corner of the front area where we were sitting and so we didn’t feel at all like we were missing out at all.

Then, the time came for food. The time I’d been looking forward to all day! There were so many pizza’s that I liked the sound of including No. 5 Calzone Lombardy (Calzone – Lombardy Ham, Mushroom, Ricotta & Truffle oil) and No. 10 – Eggcetera (Smoked Chrispy Bacon, Free Range Baked Eggs, Spinich and Fiery Chilly – although I cant deal with chilli). In the end I went for No. 6 – Smoked Chicken & Avocado (Smoked Chicken, Chipotle Chilli, Smashed Cherry Tomatoes, Smoked Mozarella, Micro Coriander and Avocado.) whilst my friend Abbie went for No. 3 – Fennel Sausage (Fennel Sausage, Crispy Kale, Smashed Cherry Tomatoes & Roasted Red Onions), although being the weirdo that she is, she added anchovies…odd. We also had a bottle of a stunning red wine to wash it down with, we went for the Terre Du Soleil Merlot which complimented the pizza perfectly and went down incredibly well.
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As we placed our orders I was advised that my pizza normally had a very spicy base and so luckily at this point I was able to request a normal tomato base for my pizza – what a close call! I’ve never thought about putting avocado on a pizza but I was delighted by how amazing it was. I feel like more places should take a page out of The Kings Arms and start getting more creative with their pizza toppings. Not to mention how good the pizza was in general. The perfect base. Although I did struggle and drop a lot down my shirt…but that’s just standard for me. I’d definitely recommend the pizza I chose but I’m also intrigued about trying the other toppings on my next visits. Can I also mention that It’s really good value for money? Around £10 for a pizza! PLUS they have their Dough-Deal where all of their pizzas are £5 from Monday – Friday until 3pm. Bargain.
We were stuffed to the brim after our pizzas, but that didn’t stop us from trying out some of the cocktails that The Kings Arms had to offer. We started with one of my personal favourites, the Espresso Martini which was lovely – and the lady next to us even asked us what we had and then got one for herself! It was a little different from others that I’ve had in that it was actual coffee sprinkled on the top rather than the standard 3 coffee beans but this added to the flavour, even if it made it a little more difficult to drink.
As soon as I’d walked in I noticed the cauldron of mulled cider sitting on the bar and this had been all I could think about for a little while, so before we left it was only right that we tried the mulled cider. And I’m very glad that we did. It had a delicious sweetness to it which wasn’t too overpowering and just gave that warm feeling inside that you can only get from a mulled cider or wine. I have a feeling that this may have just been a limited Christmas drink, but I could be wrong!
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The Kings Arms also have a huge range of local and exciting craft beers and includes a lot from micro brewery’s and they have a selection from Brixton, Camden Town and Truman’s to name just a few, in the summer I assume that these would go down swimmingly whilst having a sit in the Pub’s beer garden. But if that’s not your bag then do not fret, The Kings Arm’s has a whole host of exciting and fun events to choose from throughout the week, they show sports via the televisions around the pub but also hold board game and Lego challenge nights on Thursdays and offer an all day craft beer paddle for £4 every Tuesday. But what I’m really looking forward to is returning on a Sunday to show off how brainy I can be in their pub quiz. So watch out.

I loved visiting The Kings Arms and hope to return very soon, especially as I found out that my friend lives just around the corner! Thank you to the staff, we had a lovely time.
If you enjoyed this post then let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out The Kings Arms Website and to follow them on social media:
Twitter – @KingsArmsW7
Instagram – @KingsArmsW7
*This meal was gifted to me but all views are entirely my own

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