Christmas Stocking filler guide: Day 10 – Splat Gold Toothpaste

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Christmas Stocking filler guide: Day 10 – Splat Gold Toothpaste

Have you ever felt like your usual mouthwash just isn’t cutting it? Is your toothpaste just not as fabulous as you are? Well, then you need to pay attention. Splat Oral Care have completely changed the oral hygiene game and have a whole range to make that daily chore far more exciting with various products from toothpastes to foams and mouthwashes that are destined to make teeth cleaning fun for the whole family.

Splat Oral Care is a family-run business that strive to create the very best products in order to provide healthy oral care solutions and to promote some happiness around the world, one smile at a time.
All of the Splat products are safe and suitable to use on a daily basis and contain unique and innovative natural ingredients. The range of products is so exciting and refreshing, there are so many different flavours which can make teeth cleaning fun again!
The Gold Toothpaste that I was sent was was amazing. It’s not like anything I’ve ever used before. I really had no idea what it’d be like. Minty? Actually gold? Well. It’s not as minty as a usual toothpaste which I quite liked. And yes, it is gold! It consists of diamond powder and gold particles which give it a glimmery golden colour and makes you feel like a queen as you brush. Also. It says ‘specially for VIPs on the tube’. I wonder if this is the toothpaste that the Queen uses?
Speaking of the Queen… this paste contains Royal Jelly Extract which promotes healthy gums and oral immune resistance, as well as Vinifera Seed Extract to help prevent the formation of plaque and tooth decay! As well as this it has calcium ions to strengthen tooth enamel and papaya enzymes which help to provide a gentle whitening effect… so you’ll have a Hollywood smile in no time! It’s really made my teeth and gums a lot happier and is so much nicer to use than a standard toothpaste.
As well as the gold toothpaste I was sent a sample of the Blackwood Charcoal Toothpaste – I’m sure you’ve seen celebrities plugging charcoal toothpaste all over your social media, I had, so I was so excited to try this. It was weird at first, the thought of putting charcoal in your mouth is a bit strange. But it actually tasted a bit minty. It is said to provide the user with powerful whitening and long lasting freshness and after using I understand exactly why this is. I’ll have to get myself a bigger tube so I can see the results after a longer period of time!

Other toothpastes include; chilli toothpaste (for teeth whitening and gum care), dream toothpaste (for gentle whitening and sensitive tooth care) and ginger toothpaste (warming for gum health). They also produce children’s toothpastes that can be used for all ages!
So, if you know someone that needs to improve their oral hygiene this Christmas (I’m sure we all have at least one person in mind) then why not surprise them with a new take on toothpaste! But these would make great gifts all year round for anyone, why not try them all and see which is your favourite and has the best results!
They retail on Amazon and in Harrods, Harvey Nicholls, Superdrug, plus other places you can find out about HERE
To find out more head to the Splat Oral Care website HERE

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