Christmas Stocking Filler Guide: Day 9 – Mon Dessert Macaron Kits

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Christmas Stocking Filler Guide: Day 9 – Mon Dessert Macaron Kits

It’s my 9th Stocking Filler idea for you and today I want to challenge you all. It’s well known that macarons are particularly hard to perfect, but with the help of this kit from Mon Dessert it’s a heck of a lot easier and means that even your friends that are the worst bakers in the world (like me) can feel like absolute stars in the kitchen!

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Mon Dessert are a company that make both fresh macarons and macaron making kits and are stocked in a variety of stores including Fenwick, Harrods and Fortnum and Mason as well as being able to purchase online on Not On The High Street and Amazon. There are so many flavours to choose from, including pistachio, lemon, raspberry and dark chocolate.
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I decided to go with the Salted Caramel kit as this is one of my favourite flavours on the planet but at the moment they’re offering both Christmas Pudding and Snowflake kits, and they really would make a great festive gift this Christmas so that a loved one can perfect their baking skills and end up with some homemade authentic French delicacies.
The Christmas kits contain almost everything you need (cream, butter and egg is still required) and comes with a silicone baking mat and piping bag with a nozzle, click HERE to check out their fantastic Christmas offerings and be sure to get your hands on them before it’s too late!
I enjoyed my first experience of making macarons and loved the packaging and how everything was labelled so clearly and the instructions were super simple( plus they have video tutorials online that you can watch if you think you’ll get in a pickle. I definitely could’ve done a much better job if my head had been fully screwed on (silly me forgot to add the almond powder until after I’d squeezed my mixture out as macarons… which meant I had to scrape it all back in and give it an extra stir before piping it back out again!). Hence why I’m so surprised that they actually worked out as well as they did!
The filling was so much easier to make than I thought it would be and was the perfect consistency. If I did it again I’d put a little less of the supplied salt into the mix but that’s just my preference.
One thing I would definitely suggest with any meringue based baking is that you double check that you have a working electric whisk. My housemate and I stirred our meringue mixture for a good hour before our peaks were stiff enough! Our arms are still sore!
Overall, I’m very impressed with Mon Dessert’s macaron making kit and I will definitely consider making more in the future (I want to try all of the flavours, it’s now my aim), it’s so exciting being able to say you’ve made your own macarons rather than buying them already made!
For more information click HERE to visit their website or below for their social media links!
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