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London Fun: Nomad Cinema

Are you looking for cute ideas of how to spend a couple of hours in London? Well, Look no further. Last weekend I attended a screening of ELf the Nomad Cinema in Leadenhall Market, which made me feel super festive (and a little bit tingly from the cold), it definitely got me and the rest of the audience into the Christmas mood whilst donating all of its proceeds to charity!

We arrived at Leadenhall Market on Sunday afternoon at about 4:30 ready to watch my favourite Christmas film of all time – Elf! Armed with blankets, hats and gloves as The Nomad cinema is often outside (Leadenhall Market luckily has a roof but no walls).
The Nomad Cinema is a roaming pop-up that gives back and was created in 2010 and has been named by the Evening Standard as ‘London’s Best Outdoor Cinema’. It pops up all around London, in places such as The Hoxton in Shoreditch, Festival Gardens at St Paul’s Cathedral, Wembley Park and Paddington Street Gardens. So if you’re in London it’s more than likely that you’re not too far from a Nomad Cinema venue!

By having a great time at the events run by Nomad Cinema ‘you’re helping to support future generations in a very different part of the world’. The money raised by Nomad Cinema goes to their nominated charity; The Sustainability Institute which aims to make a difference to the quality of life for families in rural South Africa. So far development has included: a crèche, provision of school meals, sustainable gardens, solar power and water management systems. WELL DONE NOMAD!
As well as a film screening, there are various food and drink vendors that work alongside The Nomad Cinema to ensure you won’t go hungry or Thirsty during your film watching. These vary with location but whilst at Leadenhall market we purchased a (VERY HOT) hot chocolate from Chamberlains and some lovely popcorn from a stand situated just outside. Perfect.
Then we headed to our seats, picking up some wireless headphones on the way so that we could hear the film as well as we could see it on the gigantic screen in front of us. Sometimes when you get given headphones at outdoor events they can be a bit rubbish but these worked perfectly and the sound was clear and unmuffled. I actually found that I concentrated far more on the film than I normally would if I weren’t wearing headphones as it meant that I wasn’t as distracted by all the things that were going on around me.

Overall it was a really nice experience at the Nomad Cinema and I’d definitely head back to watch more of their films, perhaps in the summer when everything is a lot warmer! I also love that all of the proceeds go to charity and feel that it’s a really nice way to spend an evening!
For more information on Nomad Cinema you can check out their website HERE or check out the available tickets HERE and keep an eye on what tickets will be available for events in the new year!
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