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Christmas Stocking Filler Guide: Day 7 – Treats from The Polish Bakery

Christmas Stocking Filler Guide: Day 7 – Treats from The Polish Bakery

It’s my 7th Christmas Stocking Filler Guide post and today is all about the perfectly baked goods from The Polish Bakery that would make absolutely perfect gifts for those with either a sweet or a savoury tooth (or for you to gobble up on your own)! I hope you’ve eaten because if not, you’re about to become extremely hungry…
The lovely Polish Bakery sent me an Autumn goody bag filled to the brim with delicious products to try out, it’s safe to say I’m never going back to my usual bland half and half loaf.

The Polish Bakery is based in Wembley and was established back in 2003 (making it the oldest Polish bakery in the UK) and their mission is to create the most amazing loaves and cakes using the best natural ingredients possible whilst focussing on the traditional and family orientated side of their business. They hand make a range of Fresh Polish goods such as bread, cakes, pastries and doughnuts!
My little hamper included a variety of beautifully baked goods which included; Rye Bread, Traditional Half Wheat Half Rye Bread, Rye Bread with Prunes, Cheesecake and Poppy Seed Cake along with a mug, pen and apron that I’ll use for all my baking in the foreseeable future!

We were so excited to try all the Polish delicacies that we hosted a dinner for ourselves which comprised of bread, cheese, wine and lots of dips followed by cake. It was glorious and even after eating our body weight in these treats I didn’t feel anywhere near as bloated as I normally do after a large bready intake.
I enjoyed all of the breads that I was gifted but my favourite had to be the Tradtitional Half Wheat Half Rye Sourdough Bread. It was so soft, light and airy and quite different to the usual loaves you find in a standard British bakery. As well as this, it kept really well so I found myself still enjoying it a few days later when I made a bruschetta style open sandwich. Deeeelicious.
Before trying out The Polish Bakery I tended to steer clear of Rye Bread as when I’ve tried it previously it’s been quite chewy and bland but that wasn’t the case. Especially dipped in Camembert (I’m aware this isn’t normally what you’d pair Rye Bread with but it worked very well for me, so I’d suggest you give it a dip).
The addition of the prunes in the other Rye Bread were very welcome, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually tried a prune before but they tasted just like raisins and gave the bread a slightly sweeter taste and a more exciting texture. I had this toasted the next day and added butter and it was dreamy. I’ll definitely be buying some more of this one along with the sourdough bread!
Then. It was cake time. And boy had I been looking forward to these ever since I caught a glimpse of them peeking out at me from the branded Polish Bakery bag I was handed by the courier.
First of all I tried the luxury poppy seed cake which I must admit I wasn’t hugely fond of this one as to me It tasted quite like marzipan, which I’m not a big fan of. But I don’t want to put you off of this as it looked gorgeous and I took it to work with me the day afterwards and it got polished off within minutes with colleagues saying that they really enjoyed it!

But the real star of the show was the cheesecake. It was UNREAL. I’ve never tasted a Cheesecake quite like it before. Rather than the usual biscuity base that is familiarly connected to a Cheesecake this one had a sponge base which was lovely. The filling was so fluffy and light and I can’t even give it enough credit. I also shared this cake with my colleagues (reluctantly) and they all loved it too. If you’re considering buying a cake then my advice is to go to The Polish Bakery and get about 5,000 of these delights.

Thank you so much to The Polish Bakery for my goodies, I’ll definitely be placing another order when I’ve worked off the carb overload!
You can also buy The Polish Bakery Goods in a variety of shops including Tesco, Asda and Morrisons

 Twitter: @ThePolishBakery 

 Instagram: @ThePolishBakery

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