Christmas Stocking Filler Guide: Day 6 – Ooharr Facemasks

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Christmas Stocking Filler Guide: Day 6 – Ooharr Facemasks

We’re halfway through my Stocking Filler Gift Guide and today it’s a completely affordable and fun way to make your skin feel and look great from Ooharr and their range of natural face masks which cost just £1.20 and are packed full of essential oils and, vitamins and natural ingredients!
In this post the mask I’m using is the ‘Rosie Glow deep cleansing face mask’ which is designed to make your face feel rejuvenated and refreshed. And my face definitely felt pampered and refreshed after use.

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Image from Ooharr website

I’m not really a huge fan of sheet masks as they make my skin feel super greasy for days, not to mention you look like a mummy while using it and my face never fits the holes right! So these are great for me as you just smooth the clay-like textured mask over your dampened face and sit back and relax for around 20 minutes. Easy peasy.
The smell is great, like roses (I didn’t put two and two together and guess this from the name so it was a pleasant surprise). The mask features marula oil to help protect skin from environmental damage and Palmarosa essential oil which works to repair damaged skin whilst Dead Sea salts and natural clay help to detoxify and draw out impurities from blocked pores.

The clay is quite cold to start which is refreshing but soon cools down as it starts to cool, it’s a nice tan/orangey colour and when fully dried it looks a little bit like you’ve accidentally just fake tanned your face which is quite amusing.
I left the mask on for around 20 minutes, in which time the clay began to dry and crack slightly in places and I then removed the mask with some warm water – this was surprisingly easy as it often takes ages to removes and I always manage to get half the mask in my eyes.
Image from Ooharr website

It’s now 3 days after usage and my skin feels fabulous, I often suffer from dry skin as soon as the Winter weather begins but this mask has helped with that and now my cheeks are nice and rosy! I’m so impressed as I often end up breaking out as soon as I’ve used a packet-based facemask, but this certainly hasn’t been the case with Ooharr!

Now that I’ve tried this one I NEED to try the rest of the range too, and I’m so glad that doing that won’t damage my bank balance too much – My skin is thanking you! There are two other deep cleansing facemasks in the range which are Star glow (skin polisher) and Dead Sea Cooler (deep cleansing), as well as the Antioxident-rich Cream masks which are Juicy Burst (nourishing cream face mask) and Fruity Magic (rejuvenating cream face mask), I better get myself ready for a lot more pampering nights! Not to mention the super cute and fun packaging, you almost already feel happy before you even apply the mask!
For more information you can CLICK HERE or follow Ooharr on Instagram or Twitter

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