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Blue Moose Kitchen Brownies & Gingerbread Men

Everyone knows that Christmas is a time to indulge in all of your favourite treats and that’s no different here on my blog! Day number 4 of my Christmas Stocking guide brings to you Blue Moose Kitchen! I’ve fallen in love with these products, as have my friends and family who have been helping to gobble up the delicious goodies!

Blue Moose Kitchen is a small company based in Cumbria which specialises in gifts that make baking at home fun, easy and affordable. It allows even those who are hopeless in the kitchen (e.g, me) to create beautiful and tasty creations without too much effort or stress. The kits are handmade in the Lakes from contemporary and traditional recipes that have been handed down from three generations of Lakeland kitchen baking.
Blue Moose Kitchen Brownies & Gingerbread Men
They offer a whole range of kits that make baking so simple you’ll be amazed, including; brownies, cookies, American style pancakes a hot chocolate and many more – check them out HERE.
Blue Moose Kitchen Brownies & Gingerbread MenDSC_0058
I was lucky enough to be sent two amazing kits to try out for myself, these were the rich chocolate brownie kit and the gingerbread kit (a perfect and fun idea for Christmas). The packaging was cute and recyclable which is always a good thing (saving the planet one step at a time). I couldn’t wait to get started!

First I tried the brownie mix (if you don’t like brownies then you’re a bit weird. Sorry). It’s great because they provide you with everything you need (minus a few of the fresh items like butter and an egg for obvious reasons) and it’s already weighed out and in separate bags so all the hard work is already done and unless you do something radically stupid it’s almost impossible to ruin the recipe!

First up I heated up the chocolate with the butter in a pan before adding an egg and then mixing in the brownie mix and nuts (I only added nuts to half of the bake as I’m not the biggest fan) before putting into a tray and whacking it in the oven. Yes, it’s really that simple.
DSC_1052Blue Moose Kitchen Brownies & Gingerbread Men
They didn’t take long to bake and my goodness did they smell phenomenal. I removed them from the tray and cut them up, although I had to have a small one in the process…I couldn’t resist. They were glorious. Similar/maybe better to brownies that I’ve paid extortionate amounts for in restaurants. My family loved them too which sadly meant that they were all gone in a matter of hours (minutes). They were delightfully rich and moist (sorry, couldn’t think of a better word) and melted in your mouth. Just writing about them is making me want them all over again.

Next up I attempted the Gingerbread men and I think they turned out so well, apart from the fact that I tried to fit all of them onto one baking tray and so some of my men looked a bit like they were sitting upright – oops. These were equally as easy and stress free to make and they only took 8-10 minutes to bake! It’d also be fun for children as they can help to create the men with the cute little cookie cutter that is provided. I always loved making cookies when I was younger. After that you can add the smarties for your little friend’s buttons and voila, it’s time to put them in the oven!

These were done in no time at all, which was great as I was starving. I placed them onto a wire tray to cool (obviously sneaking one again. I can’t help myself). They were full of flavour which was amazing – I hate it when you have gingerbread just to find it only has a hint of a ginger taste. Some of the men were crunchy whilst some were a little softer due to my lack of consistency with the rolling pin but both tasted great and were a real treat for my friends. I want to try every kit!
Blue Moose Kitchen Brownies & Gingerbread MenBlue Moose Kitchen Brownies & Gingerbread Men
So. Don’t delay. Head over to Blue Moose Kitchen now and pick what you want to bake (or don’t and try them all. It is Christmas after all). These will also make lovely gifts and mean that you’re not just giving someone some amazing food but you’re also giving them the experience of making their own sweet treats! Plus you can get 10% discount off your first order on their website.
You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

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