Christmas Stocking Filler Guide – Day 1: Happy Linen Company

It’s the first day of my Christmas gift and stocking guide and I’m writing this post from the comfort of my bed at home which is currently looking very Christmassy thanks to the first product in my guide!

The lovely people at the Happy Linen Company sent me this adorable Christmas bed set and I love it. It’s guaranteed to get even the scroogiest of humans into the Christmas mood!

Happy Linen Company Bedsheets - Me in Bed


Happy Linen Company Bedsheets - Close up image

The lovely people at the Happy Linen Company sent me this adorable Christmas bed set and I love it. It’s guaranteed to get even the scroogiest of humans into the Christmas mood!

I think you’ll all agree that there’s no better feeling in the world than getting into a bed with fresh bedsheets, these sheets are so soft but also have such fun patterns that you’ll be yearning to go to sleep as soon as they arrive.

img_0348-1Happy Linen Company Bedsheets

The Happy Linen Company are relatively new to the scene, having being founded in January of this year, and are an independent business that offer soft and luxurious bedding and home furnishings in a wide array of designs and collections. They’ve just launched their Christmas collection which has some lovely designs, including this one I’ve pictured but I’m also in love with their tartan reindeer designs!

Happy Linen Company Bedsheets

Go and check out all of their collections HERE.

They buy everything directly from their suppliers and do not sell to trade, which means that they are able to offer high quality at a competitive price. Having begun sales via Amazon and eBay, they have now started to generate sales using their new website! Take a look, I think you’ll agree that their hard work has paid off!

Happy Linen Company Bedsheets

I’m loving my new bed threads, the patterns are so simple and clean cut but so effective. Also. Can I just mention that it’s reversible. One side hosts the red and white pattern whilst the other has a white and red, so if it doesn’t look quite right in one room then it’ll most likely fit perfectly into another! The only thing I must say is to be ultra careful when ironing, be safe you and turn inside out before ironing and use a low setting!

Happy Linen Company Bedsheets

They have a selection of different patterns for you to choose from, personally I also love the tartan reindeer bedsheets which come in 2 different colour variations as you can see here:

As well as these sheets, I’m also loving the christmas patchwork version AND if red isn’t your colour, they do the same Scandi pattern as my sheets but in a lovely grey colour.

So, what are you waiting for! Hit up the website to see the whole Christmas range and get it on your bed ready for the festivities in the run up to Xmas!

Check out their Twitter ā€¢ Instagram ā€¢ Facebook!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Stocking Filler Guide – Day 1: Happy Linen Company

  1. I love this almost as much as I love wrapping myself up in festive bedding! Your pictures have really got me into the Christmas spirit early. Might have to give Happy Linen a whirl!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I can’t wait to have a duvet day in my new Christmas bedding and catch up on all the films I watch yearly. So excited for Elf. Definitely, have a look at their website!


  2. Heyy-Mornin’

    Great idea re blog posts. Also…I have these too…Twins! Haa. Actually mine were a ‘knock off’…similar print…cheaper material. But…thanks 4 the link…as your set looks far better than mine! Respect. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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