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Bringing Hollywood to your home with Panasonic!

Bringing Hollywood to your home with Panasonic!

Now that it’s already pretty nippy outside I’ve started to swap warm evenings out for cosy evenings in with a hot chocolate, watching my favourite films (surely, it’s not too early for ELF? Is it?) and catching up on all of the television shows that my friends have told me to watch!
I’ve teamed up with Panasonic and the amazing new OLED TV Panasonic to let you guys know about the TV shows that currently have me completely and utterly hooked! ( and of course they’re far better when you’re watching on a high definition TV, you might as well be there!).

A lot of the television that I watch is via Netflix and amazon video or catch up TV as it means I can watch and catch up with what I want to watch, at a time that suits my schedule. Luckily for me, this is a whole lot easier thanks to the smart features of the Panasonic TV range. It means that I no longer have to search for the dreaded HDMI cable and can simply sign into Netflix on my TV (or any website for that matter) and be transported straight to my happy place, watching my favourite shows. Another feature means that it’s now simpler than ever to mirror straight from your phone or IPad straight onto the TV. Goodbye wires!
OLED TV Panasonic
Through writing this post I’ve come to realise that I definitely sway towards watching TV shows and films with a strong female lead. I hadn’t even noticed this before but maybe it’s because I find it easier to relate to than a male narrative? Who knows!

One Female character that recently really inspired me (and actually gave me a kick up the bum to actually get a move on and finally publish my first post on was Sophia from the TV edition of Girl Boss – which loosely tells us the story of how the clothing line ‘Nasty Gal’ came to be. It showed me that anyone can be successful if they work hard enough and learn to push themselves and take risks. It also revealed to me that you can always make something out of nothing.
I’m also currently addicted to 2 other Netflix shows and am binging my way through both at the speed of light. I feel that the world needs to be equally as obsessed with these shows as I am.
Crazy Ex Girlfriend Netflix
Image Credit: Extreamist

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Netflix
Image Credit: Vanity Fair

The first of these is ‘My Crazy Ex Girlfriend’, which is a musical-drama-comedy in which a lawyer called Rebecca decides to pack up her New York life to move to a small town in California in an attempt to rekindle her relationship with Josh, a summer fling from high school many years before. My housemate and I try to cram in an episode of this whenever we can (I’m so happy there are already so many episodes to catch up on). The jokes and songs such as ‘The Sexy Getting Ready Song’ and ‘I Gave you a UTI’ are hilarious and you’ll be singing them for the rest of the week. I guarantee you. So you need to start watching this ASAP if you haven’t already!
The Good Place Netflix
Image Credit: Youtube

My second recommendation that I’ve been speeding through is ‘The Good Place’. In this, Eleanor (Kristen Bell) finds herself in heaven after she dies, but soon realises she’s not actually meant to be there and that she’s been confused with another person (a much nicer person) and that she was meant to have ended up at the bad place instead. It’s really easy to watch and I often work my way through an episode or two (or eight) before bed.

As well as these, I must say I’m absolutely loving all of the dramas on BBC & ITV, a lot of which show women taking on tough roles and showing that they’re not to be messed with! These include Doctor Foster (This was an incredible first 2 series wasn’t it?!), Liar, Apple Tree Yard, Broadchurch, The Missing, Line of Duty and The Replacement. I can’t wait to see what dramas will be in store for next year and which characters will make their comebacks! So exciting!
What has you hooked at the moment? Let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking for new shows to watch 🙂
For more information about the Panasonic OLED Television click HERE

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  1. I am loving The Good Place too! I can’t wait for january and the end of the winter break! I have binge watched Project MC2 and TImeless! xx corinne

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