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T2: The Christmas Edition – Joy 2 the Wild

T2: The Christmas Edition – Joy 2 the Wild

Now that it’s part-way through November it would seem as though it’s FINALLY acceptable to talk about Christmas (Hooray!) and I wanted to share the exciting new Christmas range from T2. The Joy 2 the Wild collection which features a number of new products for you to fall completely in love with…
You’ll know I’m a big fan of T2 from my previous post about them HERE, It was on this visit that I first took a shining to all of the products they offer. And much to my delight I was invited back (this time to their Regent Street store) to a blogger event in order to find out exactly what they have in store for us this Christmas.
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On arrival I was greeted with a glorious cocktail which was mixed using the mulled wine magic tea from the range (I can definitely recommend this, you should go in and try some in store before it’s too late). I tried this tea cold (and mixed with alcohol) and warm and I’m not entirely sure which one I preferred. It really does taste more like the mulled wine that we all know and love but obviously is much better for you! So basically it’s a win win for everyone. I think this would make a perfect Christmas as well, who wouldn’t want to be able to drink mulled wine all day without being told off?!
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I had a little time to look around the store and at all of the new products available. Everything was beautifully laid out (as you’d expect from the tea experts). You can take a sneak peak at some of the new products in the images below. I’m besotted with the wide array of patterned mugs and accessories. They’re so pretty and would make any cup of tea instantly insta-worthy!
Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 12.36.52Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 12.37.05

As well as being able to have a nosey around the shop and get a first glimpse at the collection before anyone else, we were also able to try each of the Christmas teas. My favourite was a toss up between the mulled wine magic and the Choc Moltern Marvel, which tasted suspiciously like a caramel hot chocolate. One sip and I was completely hooked. As well as these flavours there was also Christmas Breakfast & Paradise Punch, If I’m completely honest, there wasn’t one that I didn’t like, I’m not a fan of actual tea flavoured tea so Christmas Breakfast was my least favourite but I’d still happily gulp a mug or two down every so often. But I know that this was a lot of people at the event’s top pick so each to their own.
23633109_10155584237820395_594858316_o copy
Throughout the course of the event we were given mini masterclasses in how to make the perfect tipple using the Christmas teas, this included being shown how to make an incredible iced tea (and which teas to combine to make a tea taste exactly like a Lipton’s ice tea). When it gets a little warmer I’ll definitely be investing in a Jug-a-lot so I can make refreshing iced teas whenever I wish.

As well as all of this, each blogger was given the chance to pick a product from the new collection to take home. Being a big fan of sparkle and glitter (and always being cold on the go, no matter the weather). I opted for the Pearly Glitter Stainless Steel Flask. I’m currently writing this post on the plane back from Sweden where it was absolutely freezing and I’m kicking myself for not taking my flask with me as it’s designed to keep hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours! What a muppet. I can’t wait to start taking it to work with me. Maybe some mulled wine tea throughout the day would perk me up 🙂
I mean, look how pretty and sparkly it is! It also has a little diffuser at the top so you can just pop your tea in to brew and then be on your way!
DSC_1206DSC_1204 copy
So. What are you waiting for? Go visit a T2 shop near you now and take a look and taste of their Christmas range! Or buy some loved ones their perfect gift this year (and then keep it for yourself)
Find out more on the T2 website HERE

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