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A well needed spa day!

A well needed spa day!

I turned 25 on Sunday (Woop Woop, Happy Birthday Me!!) and managed to cram in 5 days of partying and prosecco. It’s been a lot of fun but today I found myself completely drained and in need of a chilled day.
Lucky for me, as a part of their 10th Birthday Celebrations, I was invited for a spa day by Perception Live at the Imagine Spa in Kensington for a day of pampering. It was exactly what I needed to take my mind off the hustle and bustle of living in London and allowed me to relax for a couple of hours with my friend!

Perception Live are a creative event production and audio-visual hire company who specialise in live events and conference production who are currently celebrating a big milestone for their company which is reaching a decade in events and integration. You can find out lots more about their services HERE and take a look at all of their amazing work so far on their portfolio!

The Hotel Exterior
The Main Spa Area

We arrived at Imagine Health Club & Spa at around 2pm yesterday, It’s a part of the Kensington branch of the Holiday Inn hotel and was lovely! I’ve only ever been to one Holiday Inn and it was nowhere near as nice as this one, even the walk towards the health centre area felt luxurious and modern – I’d definitely think about booking a room here if i needed to stay in the area, my perception has definitely been changed after today.
Inside the Hotel
Inside the Hotel

downloadWe were greeted straight away and handed towels before being shown around the facilities and then directed to the changing rooms where we changed into our swimming gear. One thing I must say is that if you happen to have any old £ coins then you should take them with you as they are yet to update their lockers to work with the new coin, but they also have some tokens that you can use as well for a £1 deposit so it doesn’t really matter.
The Main Spa Area

We headed into the spa area which wasn’t particularly busy (always nice) and so made a dash for the whirlpool, it’s a metre deep and 38 degrees – the perfect spot to chill out for a little while and have a catch up whilst being gently massaged by the bubbles. It works on a 3 minute cycle and can be a shock when it suddenly stops but it’s quite a nice little break. Instead of the inside being mosaic or blue like most hot tubs, it was just white which allowed us to see how clean it all was, they’d done a good job which set my mind at ease, there’s nothing worse than a grubby whirlpool!
Sitting Poolside with a magazine

The poolside was nice, there were comfortable sun beds and some magazines ready to read where we just lounged for a while and I picked up a cosmopolitan. We had been pre warned that because it was a Monday afternoon there would be some children’s swimming lessons going on in the pool side and that it may not be as relaxing as it ultimately could be. This worried us slightly that the entire area would be overrun with screaming children but this was actually not a huge problem as it turned out that they were one-on-one lessons and so were only really around 2 young children in the pool. Plus they were really sweet and it looked like they were having the time of their lives with their instructors, so it was quite cute to watch.
Melting in the steam room
Melting in the steam room

We hung around the pool area for a while and then went off to find the steam room but we only managed to stick it out for a few minutes before retreating back to the whirl pool for round 2. It’s probably best you take your makeup off before you enter the steam room as we could feel ours starting to slide off before running out before it damaged our non-waterproofed eyes too much! (Such princesses).
The Gym Facilities at the Spa
As well as the steam room in the main spa area, there is also a sauna in the changing room (I assume that there is also one in the mens but funnily enough I didn’t get to have a look in there, sad times). Which i much prefer to a steam room as i feel it’s a little less harsh and i’m a wimp, but each to their own! We also had the gym facilities included in our day at the spa but decided to forgo this for today so that we had some extra time to relax!
There was just enough time for a few laps of the pool before we left, it was a little bit of a shock to the system after the sauna but still not too cold – the 3 year olds were definitely better swimmers than we were!

After changing, we returned back to reception, where we were handed a lovely glass of prosecco to round off our lovely day trip to the spa. We sat in a nice little secluded area with Buddha’s looking down on us, the perfect end to a wonderful afternoon. I feel so zen!
Thanks so much to Perception Live and the staff at Imagine Spa!
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