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Sausage Party

Guys. What even was your childhood about if you never had a peperami.


I just got back (I realise I probably won’t have posted this until the morning) from a fabulous launch party for the opening of the new peperami exhibition in soho (check out the deets HERE), it’s called; BEEFSY: A STUDY IN SAUSAGE. Which is a poignant examination of beef culture designed to tantalise the refined palette of the peperami connoisseur and allows you to grab a peperami and to join them on a journey to discover the world of a beefy brilliance.

Sausage & Vodka Shots

The exhibition is on at 15 Bateman street in Soho, London and runs from 20th – 22nd October so you have to be quick to see all the sausage based artworks. As we entered the event space we were given a peperami infused vodka shot (There was actually a peperami in it). It smelt worse than it tasted, unless of course you love that Meaty smell that we’re all so familiar with. After soaking up all the meaty juices, the vodka actually tasted really good, a little bit like gravy. And so with this we were ready to explore.

Pop Art PeperamiWe began by looking at the walls. In which different modern artists had taken inspiration from previous artworks, such as that of Tracy Emin and Andy Warhol to recreate new pieces focussed on the wonderful art form that is indeed the sausage.

Customised Leather Jackets

The first room you enter conjures up all sorts of excitement from the pop art paintings and the wurst-based leather jackets from the extremely talented Sonny Flynn (who wore an awesome sausage T-shirt to the opening). We were even allowed to try on the art (as seen modelled by my friend) which just made us love it even more.

Also. I must say that every piece at this exhibition is also for sale to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to Glass Door Homeless Charity, which is such a good cause.

As well as these pieces there was also a peperami meat dress inspired by the one worn by the infamous Lady Gaga (the model just looked stunning all night long).

You then enter through the meat curtains to another realm where we entered the #BeefLipsChallenge to see who can keep a peperami on their top lip for the longest, my friend broke the record with a lovely 1min 36 seconds which was later beaten by a whopping 6 minutes 37 seconds. How anyone can manage that is beyond me but at least it looked funny…

From here we went to the next room which was a take on Tracy Emin’s ‘My Bed’ which was strewn with empty peperami packets and the usual student bedroom objects (my friend tried to sneakily steal the vodka but I was a good human being and told her not to).

Beefy Canapes and prosecco

It was a lovely night with a lot of free flowing prosecco and canapes of beefy treats and I feel it would be a great afternoon exploration (with lots of free peperami – which we took  some of and handed out to homeless people on our way back to the station), so if you’re in the area either today or tomorrow (or if you’re not, take a trek) then you should definitely go see this exhibition and put some money towards an amazing cause whilst decking your pad out with some great sausage based goods!

For more info click here!

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