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Friday Night Dating with Social Concierge

Friday Night Dating with Social Concierge

Surely everyone’s either heard of or had a go at Tinder or Bumble, mindlessly swiping through the photos that unsuspecting ‘matches’ want you to see in order to present themselves to their suitors in the best possible light. Or organising a date with someone you’ve only seen the torso of because the image got cropped funny, only for them to turn up looking somewhat like a farmyard animal with a perm. No? Okay, just me then.

So when Social Concierge invited me to join them at one of their dating events I thought it’d be a great way of meeting people the good old-fashioned way, in person. After all, I had nothing to lose…

IMG_2417-14_previewWhat is Social Concierge?

Social Concierge is an invite-only dating club for eligible singles. They organise and put on private dating events in both London and New York. The events include singles cocktail parties where they offer bespoke matchmaking.

Their Aim is to get 20-30 something year olds to meet offline in chic settings, through numerous events that they plan for their members. But, if going out to classy bars and mingling with a carefully vetted selection of men isn’t really your style, they also run other events such as the one coming up this Saturday (check it out HERE) called ‘Witness the Fitness’ and it’s aimed at all the gym goers out there (cos’ if someone fancies you even when you’re a hot and sweaty mess then you’re doing pretty well already!).


The Event

I went along to last week’s event which was called ‘Nocturnal Animals’ and took place on the lower floor of Bernardi’s in Marylebone. Bernardi’s is a modern Italian restaurant located just round the corner from Marble Arch station. Perfect for the central line night tube after the event!


It was quite a dark bar space downstairs (All of my photos were very dark so I’ve stolen some from Zac Des who was the photographer for the event), there were a couple of tables and chairs and a small outside terrace area. It was quite small but also didn’t feel too crowded (I think there must have been about 30-35 members at this event) and it provided the perfect backdrop to mingle with the singles all evening.


I’m quite a shy person and so the idea of attending one of these events on my own was a little bit daunting for me, but luckily Social Concierge allowed my friend to come too! Although, when we arrived and started chatting to people we realised that everyone else was also there on their own and all were in the same boat… and it’s nowhere near as scary as I first thought.

image2There were Social Concierge staff dotted around the event, visible by a large flower pinned to their top. They were there to get people past the awkward encounters and hellos, to get them into interesting conversations and to make it easy to meet as many people as you want to. If someone were to catch your eye, you can simply let one of the staff know and within seconds you’re being introduced to them!

Not long after arriving, after grabbing our glass of prosecco, my friend and I split up anyway and were talking to people as if we’d turned up on our own, not really sure why I’d worried about it. Maybe just a little fear of the unknown, but everyone was really nice and friendly!

As the night went on, we got to talk to lots of people and met a variety of lovely chaps. Obviously, not everyone at an event will be your ‘type’ (that would be weird), but it really is refreshing to be able to meet so many people that you wouldn’t necessarily meet via online dating. Chatting in person is a far easier way to find out whether you’re interested in someone than hiding behind your profile picture and making conversation via your phone. Also, if you’ve already met someone before, it’s likely to be a lot less awkward to see him or her again at a later date. So get off your bum and go date!

Thank you to Social Concierge for inviting me and to Zac Des for the photos!


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  1. I was there too! I think I saw you, you looked beautiful but I was too nervous to come and speak to you. Maybe at the next event, eh?

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