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Where to Eat in London: My Bucket List

Where to Eat in London: My Bucket List
There’s nothing better in life than going out for some seriously good grub. It’s a chance to dress up and relax and catch up with friends or family whilst treating yourself to something special that you wouldn’t necessarily eat on a daily basis. Saying this, whilst I love trying out a new place to dine I always seem to pick somewhere easy or cheap unless it’s a special occasion. I’d love to change this and try out some new places without feeling to guilty about my bank balance and so i’ve made a Bucket list of the places I can’t wait to try and will hopefully be able to work my way through soon enough!

A lot of the restaurants on my list are either due to a recommendation from a friend or through a little bit of web research, i constantly find myself trawling through the internet on inspiration on where to eat next, so here’s what i’ve come up with. If anyone has been to any of them i’d love to hear about your experiences, or if anyone has any other recommendations i’d LOVE to hear about them to expand my list and add some more excitement to my life.

1. Sketch – Mayfair

I’ve seen so much about Sketch on my instagram feed, with people heading to the pod toilets for a cheeky selfie or of the luxurious interiors of the Gallery , The parlour or Glade. Located in mayfair, Pierre Gagnaire’s restaurant seems a little extra, but everyone deserves to be extra every so often, and the menus seem to reflect this. I’ve been salivating over the thought of the tasting menu that’s served in the Lecture Room and Library with it’s 8 courses that include scallops & veal. YES PLEASE. I’ve been wanting to go here for ages but have never made it through to actually making a booking – this needs to change! As well as this they serve both brunch and afternoon tea which i’m sure would be amazing, especially to celebrate a special occasion. (Images from Sketch Website)

2. Duck & Waffle – Liverpool Street

 I’ve heard a lot of good things about Duck and Waffle from friends who keep telling me I need to go. Duck and Waffle sits on the 40th floor of Heron Tower and is the highest 24/7 restaurant in London. I have been up in the Heron Tower lift before (just for a couple of drinks at Sushi Samba – which is also another place I feel i NEED to try) and its awesome, you can see out of the glass lift and watch as it transports you up the side of the building at the speed of light, probably not ideal for someone that has a phobia of heights though so watch out! Duck and Waffle offers 24 hour dining and i’ve heard many stories of my drunken pals sitting down for a meal at 4am after a night out as it’s the only time they could get a booking at last minute. I think this would be hilarious. I’d love to be able to have dinner here and overlook the city landscapes as I tuck into the duck and waffle (or maybe the rabbit?!) and just generally love life. However, the brunch also looks great. This is such a hard decision. (images from Duck & Waffle website)

3. Rainforest Cafe – Piccadilly

Now I know that this isn’t the most chic of restaurants or the most exciting food in the world, but I used to visit the Rainforest cafe EVERY year for my birthday until I was about 12. So i’m intrigued to see what it’s actually like now or whether it’s changed completely or if it wasn’t even as incredible as I used to think it was as the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to me whilst I stood on my chair, lapping up every ounce of attention. The restaurant is obviously rainforest themed and you can even sit on animals at the bar (well, animal painted stools). There are also animals (not real ones) dotted around the restaurant,waterfalls and every so often there’s a torrential downpour to really make your experience come to life. The food is mainly American but has hints of international influences such as Italian and Mexican, but who could say no to a beef burger and chips. (Images from Rainforest cafe website)

4. Clos Maggiore – Covent Garden


Some say that this is the most romantic restaurant in all of London due to the interiors, with fairy lights and fake shrubbery and branches, an open fire and its warm atmosphere. Clos Maggiore offers Contemporary French cuisin I can imagine it would be an amazing place for date night and would allow you to get swept up in the moment as you dine over a glass of beautiful wine along with your Slow Cooked Line Caught Scottish Cod. They also offer Wine dinners which would be an amazing chance to try some amazing wines whilst chowing down on some seriously good food.

(image from Clos Maggiore website)

5. Dans Le Noir? – Clerkenwell

This one’s been on my mind for a while now, I just think it’d be so interesting to be able to go on a sensory journey and to see (or not see in this case) whether or not you genuinely like something through its taste, touch and smell and not knowing what you’re going to be eating (surprise menu) would be quite exciting and you could find something that you’re really fond of. Dans le noir is an experience where you eat in complete darkness and are guided to your table, It’d be great to try a tasting menu here so that you can really experience and savour a variety of different flavours and try to guess what they are. I love experiences and think that this would be so cool, although I am very clumsy so will probably end up spilling my drink or food! You are also able to engage in conversation with people who suffer from blindness and other disabilities, I feel that this is a lovely touch and for once we will be able to slightly feel how it would be to spend an hour or two in their shoes. (images from Dans le Noir website)

6. The Cheese Bar – Camden

A lot of people will know that there are a lot of things i’d be happy to do in return for cheese. Melted cheese is my passion and quite often will only pick a dish purely on the fact that it includes melted cheese. So when I heard that there was a restaurant dedicated to cheese coming to London I knew i had to check it out. Sadly I haven’t got my bum in gear yet and need to get a move on. Cheese doesn’t wait for anyone, but I can certainly hear that Poutine (poutine, gringa curds, short rib, bacon gravy) calling my name. (images from Camden market and The Cheese Bar websites)

7. Bob Bob Ricard – Soho

A restaurant with a ‘press for champagne’ button on the table? Could you think of anything more perfect?! This Soho-based restaurant offers a mix of English and Russian cuisine and is ‘famous for pouring more champagne than any other restaurant in the United Kingdom’ and is even open on Christmas Day. The interior of the blue dining room takes it’s inspiration from the Orient Express so you can feel as though you’re on a journey as you tuck in to your salmon and caviar starter, followed by the beef wellington, which both look insaaaane (although it might break the budget slightly at £46.50 per person. (Images from Bob Bob Ricard Website)

8. The Alchemist – The City

I have visited the alchemist before, but it was just to try a cocktail and i’m now hooked. I want to try all of the cocktails and am now interested to see whether the food matches up. The alchemist combines science with alcohol in cleverly mixed cocktails with a difference. Some change colour, some create steam, they’re fascinating and it’s a real adventure rather than just your average cocktail. After having a look at the menu, the food seems very reasonably priced, with dishes such as ramen and fajitas to fish and chip, there will be something to take everyone’s fancy. I feel that this could be a great place to go out with the girls, as we all know that the main focus will be on the crazy cocktails!
(images from alchemist and whatsonlive websites)​​

9. Flight Club – Shoreditch

I’ve wanted to visit flight club ever since I heard about it. It just sounds like such a fun idea and would be perfect for an evening of fun, drinks and food. Also, not sure if i’ve ever mentioned it but, i love brunching. I’ve tried all kinds of brunch but never a proper brunch party. That’s where flight club comes into play with their brunch social. Prosecco, pizza and social darts, and in case you hadn’t realised, i’m a pizza enthusiast and so I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time than getting drunk and full and then playing around with and throwing sharp objects. The brunch social runs each Saturday and Sunday for 2 x 2 hour sittings in which you can choose from 8 different pizzas (unlimited amounts – dangerous.) and drink copious amounts of prosecco (or mimosas if you can’t handle it) whilst having a little boogie along to the Dj’s tunes. I’m thinking about planning this for my birthday so hopefully i’ll be able to tick this off my list sooner rather than later. Also. I get very competitive so if it’s my birthday then it means people will let me win… (images from Flight Club website)

10. Sexy Fish – Mayfair

I didn’t really have a clue what this restaurant was all about until i started researching. I just like the name. Sexy Fish is a Japanese inspired restaurant which focuses on dishes that include tempura, sushi and sashimi. I’m currently going through a phase where all i want to eat is gyozas, which is good because this place serves them! Their tasting menu looks fantastic and provides you with an array of exciting and exotic dishes such as Thai spiced stone bass and a sashimi platter. My mouth is watering just reading through it. It’s also known to have served numerous famous people such as Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding and could be considered as a celebrity hotspot, and who wouldn’t like to be dining with the rich and famous?!

Where are your favourite places to dine out in London? Let me know below!

By Bethlwebb

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