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Mother! Premiere
​I woke up this morning still baffled by the latest Darren Aronofsky film to hit the big screens. All I can say is WOW.

Last night I attended the UK premiere of Mother! In Leicester Square (premiereland) and walked down the black carpet, completely unaware as to what would later unfold on the screen in front of me.

​I’m not sure how much I can tell you about the film itself, mainly because I’m still a little bit confused and weirded out by it. But also because I feel that if you were to hear about the film from me, that I wouldn’t do it justice. I think that this is a film that should be seen with a fresh mind and outlook rather than spoken about. Everyone will have their own perceptions and I think that not knowing what happens in the film allows you to connect perfectly with Jennifer Lawrence’s character and enables you to feel as vulnerable and confused – which she portrays wonderfully.

I don’t know what to think about it. I have so many unanswered questions.

Also at this point I would like to apologise for the awful quality of all the pictures that i managed to take on this evening… It was so difficult to get a good shot with just my phone!

​Anyway, back to the premiere. It was a fabulous night. We arrived at the very discreetly hidden Century Club near Leicester Square, as this was where our tickets were being held. We made our way to the roof terrace on the top floor and collected our premiere passes. We were unaware that there would be a pre-premiere party going on! AMAAZZZING! Had we known then we would’ve got there a little earlier in order to make the most of the champagne and canapés that were circulating the terrace (they were really tasty – especially the truffle and goats cheese cones). We stayed and mingled for a little while before setting off for the premiere.
​As we reached Leicester Square we began to hear the hustle and bustle of the crowds which lined either side of the red (black) carpet. The atmosphere was electric as the fans waited for a glimpse of the phenomenal Jennifer Lawrence. We began to walk down the carpet as everyone began to shout ‘SELMA’. I turned around to catch sight of Selma Hayek who looked lovely in a smart black pant suit with a floral shirt (she looks amazing for 51).

Image Credit: Daily Mail Darren Aronofsky (Director), Domhnall Gleeson, Jennifer Lawrence and Scott Franklin (producer)

We were ushered down the carpet and into the Odeon relatively quickly so that they could start to bring the stars of the film out. First to hit the carpet was Darren Aronofsky ( I’m a huge fan of Black Swan so was excited to see him in the flesh, plus he’s going out with J-Law so he must be pretty cool…). One thing he said that I found interesting was that the whole idea for the film came from a dream he had (it sounds more like a nightmare to me), however, thinking about it, the film did seem almost dreamlike – like he had tried to make a film that was so similar to the dream he had and he didn’t care whether it made sense or flowed perfectly. So cool.

Another of the stars at the premiere was Domnhall Gleeson (from films such as; About time, The revenant & Star wars). From inside the cinema I watched him chatting to Alex Zane on the podium outside the entrance and he just seemed like such a nice person. ALSO, I had no idea he was Irish!?


Image Credit:
​Suddenly there was a monumental cheer from the crowds outside, this could only mean one thing. Jennifer had arrived. And oh my gosh, she looked stunning. She wore a sheer nude Versace floor length gown with spiders web-like details and chain embellishments. She had her hair up loosely and her makeup was perfection, a relatively nude lip and smoky eye.
All eyes were on her as she got out of the car and you could clearly see that she was the one that everybody was there to see. At first, she looked as if she really didn’t want to be there, it was plastered all over her face and she looked as though she was struggling to smile. This soon changed as she greeted fans and signed autographs before heading to the press area for interviews. During one interview, she admitted that she’d managed to tear her diaphragm on set on 2 occasions due to excessive hyperventilating which was needed to shoot some of the film’s scenes. (You can’t say she’s not dedicated!).
​By the time the stars and crew made it onto the stage for their short speech (mainly apologising for what we were about to watch and telling us that if we go to the toilet we will most definitely miss something important in the film) we had been sitting and waiting for over an hour which was frustrating (at least we had pop chips) and some people were getting annoyed and trying to leave, but all was forgiven when they all passed by my seat. I’ll never be that close to Jennifer Lawrence EVER again.

A still Image from the movie, Photo Credit: NME

​The film then began and the audience were transported into the strange, scary and twisted mind of Darren Aronofsky. Although it had been hyped up as a horror, it wasn’t horror-style scary. More psychologyically scary. I’d recommend this film and really don’t think you’ll ever fully understand what it’s about until you see it for yourself.

Mother! Is out in cinemas from 15th September, so what are you waiting for? Book tickets and go get confused.

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