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Omeara Summer Sessions with Deezer
This summer, Deezer ( an internet-based music streaming service) teamed up with the event space Omeara to host a series of one-off intimate performances from a number of up-and-coming Artists and bands.

I attended one of the shows last night and have managed to find 2 new great artists that i’m excited to add to my playlists!

Omeara opened back in October of last year and is a small face (320 Capacity) near London Bridge and has hosted a number of events and performances. Their website says that the venus acts as ‘A place for emerging talent to make their mark and for household names to break the rules‘. The main stage area has an old-style shabby-chic ballroom feel to it with an elaborate theatre styled stage at one end. The great thing about this space is that no matter how far away you are, you’ll still be relatively close to the stage. Giving the events an special, intimate feel to them.

Biffy Clyro at the NME nomination party
The last event I attended at Omeara was for the Nominations party for the NME awards in January, Biffy Clyro played (and were amazing) and it was a lovely evening and so I was really keen to return and lend my ears towards some fresh talents. ​
First up was Callum Stewart, a young singer from Northern Ireland. He began to sing and play his keyboard as the room filled up and then continued to entertain the crowd until we were all his biggest fans. I really enjoyed his set, his voice was so smooth and he could reach a range of notes that I could only dream of doing. What I liked was that his songs were really relatable and I don’t think he realised just how good he really was, this was very endearing.

He sang a few songs and even debuted one that he’d written just a week ago and wasn’t even completely sure he’d be able to remember all of the words to (he did in the end), but i still loved it nonetheless. I think he reminded me of a mix between James Bay and Jamie Cullum, and who wouldn’t like that?!

Everyone seemed to love him and he could’ve easily carried on to sing a few songs before the main event.

Next, Vallis Alps took to the stage. They’re an electronic duo from Australia and America and the audience seemed completely captivated from the first note – Parissa’s voice was unlike anything i’ve ever heard, so pure and worked perfectly with the contrasting electronic sounds and vocals in the background. I could tell I was going to like these guys.
They seemed to have a lot of fans at the front of the the crowd who knew all of the words and seemed like they were having the time of their lives (this was only Vallis Amp’s second gig in London so maybe they were definitely making the most of having them here). A lot of the songs started off sounding similar but then after the intro each came into it’s own and the way Parissa floated around the stage made the whole performance really interesting to watch and gave it more life than just someone who had just stood there and sung into the microphone, it looked like she was having a great time and was really enjoying being on stage. Plus, David was nice too look at so I guess that helped… 😉 

Before one of their final songs they announced that they’ll be releasing their next single tomorrow so watch out for them!

I really loved this event and will absolutely be listening to these artists on a regular basis from now on. If you want to check them out then here’s the info:VALLIS ALPS:


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