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Classic French Dining in Covent Garden
​You can’t beat going out for a nice dinner. No washing up and no hard work, not to mention being able to indulge in dishes that completely surpass your own culinary skills (which in my case is pretty much everything because I can’t cook to save my life). Here’s how I found my recent trip to the charming Boulevard Brasserie in Covent Garden.
​After hours of trawling through various restaurant websites, my friend (Laura) and I decided to book a table at Boulevard Brasserie (Laura had been a few times and had nothing but praise so she was more than happy to return with me.)

​The restaurant is located on Wellington Street in Covent Garden which is very close to various theatres (Such as the ones showing 42nd Street and the Lion King) which makes it the perfect option for a Pre or Post theatre meal, just to make your evening that little bit more special! From the outside the restaurant doesn’t look overly special – Don’t get me wrong, it looks cute, it’s just that if you weren’t looking for it specifically then it’s likely you’d completely miss it as it’s not overly striking and in some ways looks a little similar to the pub directly next to it. There are also a few tables out the front for if you wanted to dine al fresco.
​With this, we began to study the menu as the staff bought out our glorious Kir Royales. For my starter, I chose the Baked Brie in Filo – A wedge of baked brie in filo pastry with cranberry chutney (and a small salad) I’m downright obsessed with melted cheese so this was a no brainer. It was delicious. The brie and the cranberry complimented each other perfectly and the filo was neither dry and too flaky nor soggy. Cooked to perfection. I’m getting hungry just thinking back to it.

Laura had the Citrus marinated salmon – celeriac remoulade and dill oil to start. This also looked great. I hate it when you order salmon and you’re given the smallest and thinnest slice that they could possibly cut! She said it had lots of flavour and got her well on the way to feeling full.

Next up was the main course! And something very strange happened…

I picked a pasta dish?! A VEGETARIAN pasta dish?!!I’m really not a fan of pasta-based meals but for some reason I decided to order the Gnocchi Provencal – summer vegetables, tomatoes, rocket and buffalo mozzarella! And not only this but it had no meat in it! People that know me well will know that I often feel a meal with no meat is not a meal at all. Yet, saying this, I really loved it. There was quite a lot of it as well which is always good although I did struggle a little to finish it. The only thing I would say was that it needed more mozzarella… but then again, I think everything in life would be better with a little more mozzarella.

​Laura was undecided of what to order for a long time, but in the end she went for the Farfalle with goats cheese, roasted butternut squash, baby spinach, baby onions, sage & roasted pine nuts. This pasta dish was also given as an extremely hefty portion but she managed to navigate her way through and to finished it, letting me know how good it was with every bite.
​Now for deserts. We both settled on the Valrhona chocolate tart (which I swapped the Chantilly cream for ice cream with no problems). It was tasty, I have a real sweet tooth and this was just what I needed/ Sadly, by this point I was already very full and unable to finish as the tart was really rich. Although I’d still recommend it!

​Overall we had a lovely meal and experience at Boulevard Brasserie and by having 3-courses it meant that we were able to have a nice long catch up. The staff were really attentive and gave us just the right amount of attention and made sure we never had an empty glass. A table of 4 ( A really annoying set of old double daters) arrived and sat on the next table from us about ¾ of the way through our meal, they were looking down their noses and kept changing their orders after they’d already been served (one man demanded chilli and cheese sauce on his pasta dish) weird. But the staff took this in their stride and managed to handle the situation really well and to keep them as happy as they were when they arrived.

I’d definitely return here again. Maybe to try the mussels as they smelt insane. But I would also return for the set menu again. I felt that this was really good value for money and meant that my whole meal came to £24 rather than £37.80. BARGAIN!

Have a look at their website Here!

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