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Bogan bingo – probably the best night of your life

Bogan bingo – probably the best night of your life
First things first, this definitely isn’t your average night of bingo. You have been warned!

But I can let you into a little secret, it’s far better than the bog-standard bingo they play down at GALA. If you decide to spend your Thursday night at The Slug in Fulham for the fantastic ‘Bogan Bingo’ I can easily promise that you won’t be disappointed.

I stumbled across Bogan Bingo whilst looking for a night out that was a little more interesting than just your average night out. My two housemates and I attended for the first time at the end of last year and the evening excelled our preconceived expectations by a longshot. Since then I have attended 4 of the Bogan Bingo evenings and one of their sister events, Hip Hop Bingo… or Blingo if you’d prefer.
​Each time we attend, our group size increases and so we started with a group of 3 and have recently managed to rally up around 25 people as our friends see what an amazing time we’ve had and are desperate to join the squad for a night.

The Australian based venue itself isn’t the classiest of establishPicturements and has a weird stickyish smell as you walk in, but this is soon changed as the hosts for the evening make their way to the stage. Armed with cans of Lynx Africa to set the tone for the evening. The hosts are ‘two trailer trash bingo callers with a passion for 80’s and 90’s anthems.’ And they are certainly are entertaining. They talk the (large) audience through the rules and aims of the evening, which includes plenty of drinking (can I just mention that a bottle of wine here is around £12.50 and Jagerbombs are £2, IN WEST LONDON??!… could there ever be more reason to go?)

​As well as cheap drinks and an evening of laughs there are also some very exciting prizes up for grabs and 6 chances to win throughout the night. Prizes include; a bogan bingo cereal dispenser, a bogan bingo sanitary bin, bar tabs, a trip to Morocco (still aiming for this one) AND a framed picture of a dog dressed as a banana…what more could you possibly want in life?

PictureAfter their introductions, it’s eyes down and time to play, sadly the bingo dabbers have recently been sw

apped for normal pens which takes away a lot of the fun of drawing on each other until you’re all colourful messes for a couple of days.
​The audience is involved every step of the with lots of amusing phrases to shout out and old tunes (think Oceana cheese room music) to sing along with. Not to mention a fair few extra competitions along the way, such as air guitar and gay chicken.

It’s rare for me to make it to the end of the second game of bingo as I’m very clumsy and either managed to spill drink on my bingo sheet or just to lose it completely, but I don’t hugely mind, sometimes it’s more about the atmosphere than winning…That was a lie. I love to win.

After the whirlwind that is the bingo, the tables are cleared at the speed of light and a dancefloor appears. As everyone is merry from copious bottles of wine it always turns out to be one of the best nights of your life…until you wake up on Friday morning and realise you’re VERY hungover and rather late for work.

​So far Bogan Bingo is at the top spot for a cheap and fun night out with friends and I strongly urge everyone to experience this night.
For more info or to book tickets please click HERE
(tickets out sell quite far in advance so watch out)

By Bethlwebb

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