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Love Island Extravaganza

Love Island Extravaganza
​Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’re very much aware that this summer the fabulous third series of Love Island has been gracing the screens of the masses (on average 2.6 million viewers!) nightly for the past 7 weeks. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Luckily the lovely people at The Sun realise that we shouldn’t be sad that It’s over (although we all are, I really don’t know what I’ll do with my evenings any more) but that we should celebrate that it happened… and what better way to do that than to throw a love island finale in the heart of London!

​As we approached the club we became aware of the popularity of the event. The queue was bent around the corner, teeming with Love Island fans (Approximately 90% female) very eager to get in and begin the finale celebrations. The queue took a little while to move and passed by an ID check, bag check, ticket check, cloakroom, voucher giver-outers and T-shirt collection before even reaching the door to the bar. The wait was worth it though, we walked in and were all instantly impressed.


Photo Credit: Tropicana
​Tropicana beach club (between Covent Garden and Holborn) was the perfect venue, decorated with palm trees and flowers hanging from the ceiling. There’s even a swimming pool style area in the middle, complete with pool ladders, so you can feel as though you’re in your own villa! Although clearly not a villa as glamourous as Love Island’s – and sadly we weren’t even there for seven hours, let alone 7 weeks.



One of the most exciting aspects of the night was the fact that there was a T-shirt and drink included in the £5 ticket price. We all assumed that this T-shirt would just be the standard tee with ‘Love Island’ written on it, but as we approached the shirt station it became apparent that it was far more thrilling than we had first thought. There were in fact a range of T-shirts with a whole host of quotes from this year’s show – How many of these do you remember being said?
“I used to be in Blazin Squad”
“100% my type on paper”
“I’ve got a text”
The best bit about the T-shirt was that literally everyone actually wore them! It was like we were some sort of weird (but very cool) cult. Also, don’t be sad if you’ve missed out on a Tshirt as Primark are selling them instore and so are missguided!


When we got in it was already fairly busy and so finding space for 9 of us to sit together proved a little tricky. Luckily we found a space on the edge of the pool, some of the best seats in the house!


​After settling down we headed straight to the bar to collect our welcome drink from a selection of love island themed cocktails. After much deliberation I opted for the ‘Polar Bear’ as a tribute to the BEAUTIFUL Chris Hughes. Everyone loves Slush Puppies and Pina Coladas so a mixture of the two was inevitably a sure winner.


​We then explored the area and found the photo booth, (everyone knows I love a photo booth) complete with Islander costumes, props and quotes. Each session printed out 2 copies so it was perfect for some pictures with my housemate! Love it!

As well as this there was a wall inviting guests to write their ‘type’ on paper. This went down well, although some people seem to have some very strange ‘types’We sat back down in our groups to complete our quizzes (we’re still waiting to hear if we were the winners of a £250 voucher, fingers crossed) and for a game of bingo, which never happened. Heartbroken.



Last year’s contestants: Photo Credit: The Sun/ W8 Media
There were also some special guests apparently present at the event but there was really no sign of them, this was a shame as it would’ve been nice for them to have at least come out of their private area to come and say hi or maybe to even let the crowd know who they were rooting for! Supposedly the guests were Chloe Crowhurst and Craig Lawson from this year’s show and Scott & Kady, Rachel and Rykard and last year’s winner, Cara, who is now pregnant with the second ever Love Island baby.


This year’s winners, Kem & Amber: Photo Credit: Daily Mirror

Before we could even relax it was 9pm and Caroline’s face appeared on the massive projection in front of us. Followed by a very TOWIE-esque opening sequence. I felt like I was at the cinema (I even clapped a few times, who even does that). The final episode seemed so much more dramatic on the big screen than it would’ve if I was watching alone at home. It was lovely to be surrounded by other people who had clearly enjoyed the past 7 weeks as much as I had. The audience were given signs with their favourite couple printed on in order to support them as the show went on. I claimed Camilla and Jamie as they seemed to be the most genuine to me and I feel that they both had their heads screwed on a little bit more than most of the contestants. Also, Just look at Jamie, he’s amazing. However, if Chris and Kem had chosen to couple up I would have been the first to have backed them, they deserved to win!We all followed the action with Gabby and Marcel placing fourth and Olivia and Christ finishing in third position. The crowd followed all the excitement with their cheering and booing as the final crowning drew closer.

As Amber and Kem were named as this year’s winners the entire venue erupted, a mixture of reactions filled the space as the new twist was announced (which was pretty much the same as last years big ‘twist’) and predictably the pretty pair decided to split the money between them.


Someone got a bit carried away with the signage…
​It then dawned on us that it was now all over for just under a year and that we actually may have to talk to each other about something other than last night’s episode. Well done to ITV for creating such a fabulous season which has managed to keep the entire nation hooked. Also a massive thank you to The Sun for allowing us to see off Love Island in such style! I’m sure in time I will find a new series to fill the Love Island shaped hole in my life but until then I will continue to wear my T-shirt and remember the good times we had.
Tropicana beach club
New London Theatre,
Parker street,
WC2B 5PWPlus you can catch up with all of this years love island on the ITV hub app. Don’t miss out!


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