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Bringing the west coast to west ldn
​Imagine being given £100 to spend on trying out a new menu at one of Notting Hill’s latest, trendiest hotspots. How would you spend it?

Pomonas opened in December 2016 and is fast becoming a popular hang out for the stylish, clean living 20-30 somethings of Notting Hill that want to feel as though they’re out and about and enjoying a carefree life in LA.

​As we walked in to the restaurant we couldn’t help but notice how bright and colourful the interior is whilst still looking so grown up and modern (instant mood-booster). I really appreciated the overall sense of the space (which seats up to 120 diners but also has a lovely bar space and outside area) but all the while I couldn’t help but think that it kind of reminded me of certain parts of Ikea, not that there’s anything wrong with Ikea…maybe it was just the yellow.


PictureWe were then shown to our seats by a lovely member of staff (everyone that works here seems to be so beautiful and down to earth, our waitress was actually from LA and was telling us about her time there and how she moved to London for love). The restaurant was relatively quiet when we arrived – just a few couples dotted around. But it very quickly filled up without us even noticing.

Cocktails to start? Surely, it’d be rude not to!

​This cocktail list will not disappoint. I opted for the white chocolate daiquiri (Rum, green chartreuse, lillet, cacao, lime) whilst my pal chose the vanilla Paloma (Tequila, pink grapefruit, soda, fresh lime). Being girls, we absolutely had to try out each other’s cocktails (just in case we were missing out on something groundbreaking), both were equally great – hers being refreshing and mine being somewhat more naughty. If I’m nitpicking I would say that I expected the cocktail to taste a little more like white chocolate… but I wasn’t complaining, it was STRONG.

​The next bit of the evening was slightly more tricky – what do we order?!? Luckily, my guest and I often share food, which is essential when it comes to trying as much on the menu as possible.

Neither of us had ever tried oysters before (mainly out of fear). We seized our chance and asked for three of the Kumamoto oysters with cocktail sauce, horseradish and mignonette as our Crudo (raw dish).

“Kumamoto oysters are deep cupped with petite meats, they have a mild brininess, sweet flavour and honeydew finish” – Chef resources

We had completely no idea of the best way to eat oysters, we just went from what we’d seen in movies where people just tilt their head backwards and slurp them down in one go. However, in doing this we felt that we didn’t manage to taste the seasoning of the oysters. So with this in mind we tried to chew our second oyster slightly as it was on it’s way down and were able to realise the flavours we’d missed the first time round. I actually really enjoyed them and would definitely be keen to try them again but I feel that 2 oysters is my limit for one sitting.

Along with the oysters we ordered 2 of the small/sharing plates:

A: Whole softshell crab, fra diavolo, confit smoked garlic, tarragon butter.
B: Grilled corn, queso fresco, cilantro

The plates arrived together which allowed us to share AND to get a sexy photo of the spread for Instagram. Although I do find it very hard to take a photo of delicious food when it’s just sitting there and staring right back at me.

The crab was delicately battered (could’ve done with being slightly more crispy) and looked so striking on a bed of red sauce. The sauce was a bit too spicy for my liking which detracted from the amazing taste of the crab.

The corn on the other hand was my favourite dish of the night, which is really unexpected considering I feel that a meal is only worthy if it includes meat. But then again, I think I have a slight sweetcorn addiction and anything that includes cheese is always going to be a winner in my eyes. This dish is a must.

Main courses were up next! I sampled the Crispy pork belly with mojo de ajo, polenta and spring leaf salad and my friend had tried the Pomona’s hand ground wagyu (according to the waitress this means that the cow has been massaged and so it tastes better. Weird.) “Koreatown” burger with home fries. We also had a cheeky bottle of red wine to help it all go down a smoothly.

​Both of us were unusually silent as we made a start on our mains (both were a complete hit) – the colours on my plate were so bright and cheery, a mix of oranges and greens which definitely reflects the cali-approach and the décor of the restaurant. The pork was tender and tasty – although I did struggle slightly with the crackling, thought I was going to lose a tooth, but I suppose it did say ‘crispy’ on the menu! Abbie looked as though she was in heaven whilst tucking in to her burger, her only criticism was how messy it was to eat, yet this was then followed up by “But the messiest burgers are always the best burgers”… so who really knows?

​So. My thoughts on Pomonas. I really enjoyed the whole experience. It’s a nice relaxing spot for dinner with the option to go a little harder with some strong but gorgeous cocktails at the bar. It’s probably not somewhere I’d spend a full Saturday night but I don’t think that’s their aim. They serve all day from breakfast at 9.00am right through to 10:30pm (on a Saturday). I’d love to return to try out their brunch menu (everyone loves brunch). The staff are friendly and helpful but I found myself wanting to be as cool and carefree as they seemed to be. The food was delicious, so many different ideas and flavours that shouldn’t necessarily work together but definitely do. Our whole meal and drinks came to just over £100, so for a family meal it could prove a very expensive night out… but if you’re looking for a treat that you don’t have to feel too guilty about afterwards then this is absolutely the place for you! I ate so much but felt comfortably full. Thumbs up from me and thank you to the whole team!

If you’d like to know more about Pomona’s then hit their website at

Or just pop along to 47 Hereford Road, Notting Hill, W2 5AH, London

(photo credit: My own and from Pomonas London instagram and website)

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