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The BRIT’s have definitely got talent – brit awards week

The BRIT’s have definitely got talent – brit awards week
Each Year the brit awards are one of the most important events for much of the UK’s music scene, but as well as the prestigious awards that are handed out during the evening, it’s always a spectacle and an amazing night of entertainment and gives many the chance to see our favourite artists and bands perform on the big stage in front of millions of viewers. This year was no exception.

I’m not quite sure how I ended up attending both the Pre-Brit Awards party AND the Brit Awards, but I can tell you now.., It’s been a top week.



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​The Pre-Brits party took place 2 days before the Brit Awards on the 20th February at One Embankment (fancy grass outside, ooh la la, an impressive event space). I’d never been to this venue and wasn’t really sure exactly what to expect, I was invited by the lovely Heat Magazine and all I was told that Jonas Blue would be performing.

​The venue itself was very spacious but the crowd was very intimate and friendly. When we made it into the venue we headed straight upstairs as it looked less busy, we hit the jackpot with this area (the upstairs had a balcony around the outside that looked down onto the stage and crowd below) we managed to find the free bar (that we didn’t even know existed) straight away. Canapes were also in circulation, it’s safe to say I was in my happy place. Mini Burgers, Mini Beef Wellington, Scotch Eggs, fish fingers, You name it! Proper finger party food and every time you looked around there was something new and delicious heading your way. ​


​The Party’s entertainment was a lot of fun, Universal Music teamed up with American Airlines to produce a really great night. There was a really cool Photo Booth which took a number of different photos from lots of different angles at the same time which were then fused together to form a 3D sort of effect. Take a look at my friend and I attempting to not look stupid here COOL EH?!


Unbeknownst to me, Raye was performing. She was awesome, her voice was mesmerising, and even though I thought I didn’t know many of her songs there were a few surprises that I knew the words to! A few songs down and she was joined by the notorious Jonas Blue for their rendition of the popular ‘By your side’ which was superb. He then continued to show off his well-honed hits with various special guests (including and awesome version of Perfect Stranger with JP Cooper).
​I’m SO bruised.


​After I’d had a couple of days to recover from my fall (and my horrendous hangover) I headed to the O2 with my 3 guests for the annual Brit Awards. I’ve been watching the awards each year since I was little, but for some reason the main thing that sticks out in my memory is the time that Cat Deeley rode out on a giant champagne bottle in 2004. (Note to self: find more exciting ways to enter a room).


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PictureSadly there were no huge champagne bottles present this year, but the performances definitely made up for it. This year’s show was presented by the beautiful Emma Willis (who I swear is everywhere at the moment). Little Mix opened the evening (obviously, I swear they open every show!) THEN came Bruno Mars. (LOVE HIM) He was sensational, I’m such a big fan and am so glad I got to see him perform, even if I was 3 miles away from the stage.

Another lovely part of the evening was Chris Martin (from Coldplay) performing a touching tribute to the late George Michael, a wonderful celebration of a phenomenal and talented man’s life, everyone in the audience (pretty much) was silent and still and drinking in this moment.


One of my favourite performances of the night was Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm. It featured hundreds of dancers dressed as houses and was so surreal but also quite amusing to see one of the said houses shimmying straight off of the edge of the stage and into the audience below. Poor person, whoever they are. Must’ve hurt.

Another highlight, at least I assumed it would be a highlight due to his popularity was Mr Robbie Williams. Sadly he didn’t perform all of his hits from his heyday! Fair enough he was singing his new material for some publicity but it’s nowhere near as good as his old songs. I was beginning to get rather sad that I wouldn’t get to hear Angels or Rock DJ as the show came to a swift close. BUT LOW AND BEHOLD… a few minutes after the show had finished airing he returned back to the stage to belt out Angels! FAITH RESTORED.




​I really did enjoy this whole experience and the chance to see and hear so many incredibly famous faces on stage, but as it was being broadcast live it meant it was a very different feeling to seeing a normal music event. There were breaks every 15 minutes or so which the audience just had to entertain themselves through, this became a little tedious after a while but also meant that everyone had time to dash to the loo or the bar without missing any of the action. Another slight issue was that the microphones were clearly altered to be suitable for television recording so that people at home could hear clearly, this meant that when people were speaking it was a little more muffled than it would usually be…I guess this is just something to bear in mind for next time!



I’d love to be able to attend the next Brit Awards. It was an incredible experience, of course I would love to be able to sit closer to the stage and all of the acts, I feel it would be hugely beneficial to the overall experience. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to sit on the VIP tables on the floor and live like a celebrity! (Unlikely).

P.s. I was so devastated that Adele was not performing and even more heartbroken that she wasn’t even there to collect her award. What an absolute Travesty.



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