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Summertime Fun

Summertime Fun
​Well, what can I possibly say. This was up there with one of my favourite experiences of all time. An event like this is definitely such good value for time and money as you’re able to see so many artists you enjoy and admire in one place and on one day. I cannot stress how much of a great day this is. 

PictureOn the way to Wembley: Photo My Own

Waking up the day before Capital Summertime Ball (STB) I was blissfully unaware that within 24 hours I’d be at Wembley Stadium with a group of great friends (who agreed to join me very last minute) in a fancy box; eating pizza, drinking wine and fangirling at the dozens of talented and popular artists and bands that were about to grace the stage.

As with many festivals there’s always a selection of performers that you’ve never heard of before and wouldn’t really mind miss – that doesn’t happen at STB. The line-up is handpicked from the nation’s (probably the entire world’s) favourite acts to make sure that the day is one that you’ll never forget… and I don’t think I ever will…

PictureLittle Mix: Photo My Own

With this in mind, we wanted to make sure not to miss any of the action and so arrived at Wembley with plenty of time for a few glasses of Pimms outside before making our way into the stadium – Little Mix were the opening act and they’re always guaranteed to put on an amazing performance about girl power and all that jazz… However, because we’re all painfully unorganised and slight failures at life we managed missing the first few songs of Little Mix’s set, but at least we were there in time to admire their barely there outfits and to sing along to a very empowering version of ‘Salute’.


Little Mix: Photo Credit – Capital FM
Having had our spirits lifted we decided to check out or basecamp for the day. A lovely box relatively close to the action (as far as boxes go, they’re never particularly close). I was very impressed – having been a box host for a couple of years at a Football club where the boxes were very small and average, this was pure luxury in comparison (and not having to serve anyone was a huge plus). The box which was given to us by the lovely Simplexity Travel, was very modern, clean and airy. With a table and chairs and sofas to relax in whilst not taking in the action. There were huge sliding doors which led out onto the balcony which hosted 12 seats for my friends and I to spectate from. As well as this, the box had it’s own bathroom which was great, no queues and not far to walk to relieve yourself from the vast amount of wine!

Next up was Lukas Graham, I had only heard two of their songs but was reassured by my friend that they would be great. They only sang 3 songs, one of which was a cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ which was always destined to get the crowd going. The thing I was most shocked to find out was that Lukas Graham is in fact a band rather than a person. Who knew?!

Lukas Graham: Photo My Own

​I’m a huge fan of Years & Years and was particularly excited to see them performing live, I was a little sad to hear they’d only be performing 4 songs but I guess that meant that more artists could be featured on the lineup so I just made the most of it. I love Oliver Alexander. I think he’s great, so original and doesn’t really care what people think about him. But can we just take a second to think about what he was wearing. Hmmm. Looked a  bit like a cross between a mechanic and an angel. Oh well… I was more concentrating on how loudly I could sing along to ‘King’ when that came on.

Years & Years: Photo – Capital FM

I won’t lie to you, the rest of the day is a bit fuzzy but I’ll try my best. The Vamps and Mike Posner were also good, but I always feel that the Vamps sound far better when they’re not live. But at least you can tell they weren’t miming! Posner, He only really has 2 songs that anyone has ever heard of so luckily he just stuck to those rather than belting out some of his alternative songs and risking the whole Stadium taking a loo break. This was followed by Clean Bandit and Louisa Johnson. I seem to see Louisa Johnson EVERYWHERE I GO. I feel that she could be following me, but then again who wouldn’t want to follow me. They obviously only have one song so this was all over very quickly in time for NICK JONAS. Ever since the days of Camp rock I’ve had a little crush, and now he’s back and better than ever (have you even seen him in Scream Queens though? – if not, 4OD it right now.) ‘Close’ was a personal favourite, but where was Tove Lo? Maybe they were worried she’d flash the largely underage audience.
We watched a bit of after this but I often feel that I’d rather see someone sing than just talk quickly down a microphone, so I left and wandered along the floor to buy some wine. Probably should’ve taken out a loan for this as it was extortionate. But wine is wine. And I need wine.
I returned to the box to find out that my friends had ordered an array of pizza (I’m completely and hopelessly addicted to pizza) Man, it was good.

Wembley Crew: Photo My Own

PictureMaking Friends: Photo My Own

Can we just pause for a second to think about how awesome Zara Larsson is, and she’s only 18? Why wasn’t I like that?
Jess Glynne’s Voice is amazing. I could listen to it all day long. I just have an issue with her wardrobe. She often looks like an old woman, but this time she just looked a bit like a deranged robot. I wasn’t really sure what she was thinking. But still, I sang along anyway and it was great.
The next highlight of the day for me was Ariana Grande, I just like her music and think she’s super sexy. Which is strange because she’s very small. Almost Childlike. She took to the stage in her statement thigh high boots to belt out all her hits and the crowd was loving it. Her songs were to be the ones stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend.
By now the wine was hitting me hard and the sun was wearing me out slightly. I’m really not sure how people stood up in those crowds all day. Well done to them! Tine Tempah was the last to grace us with his presence. Working his way through a medley of crowd pleasers. My Housemate is completely obsessed, so seeing how happy she was gave me the strength to party through the wine goggles. He was joined on stage at three points, once with Jess Glynne making a return (looking less like a robot), followed by Katy B and then Zara Larsson’s second performance of the day. It was a great way to finish the day, although I would’ve picked the last song to be one of his more popular like ‘Pass out’, but I’m no musical genius so fair enough.
We waited a while and finished our wine and pizza before heading back to the sweatbox that is the Bakerloo line. It was a relatively stress-free day as we didn’t need to worry about losing anyone or queuing for a drink or the toilet. I’d love to be able to spend another event in a box like this, it was great. But also I know I’m not made of money and I very much doubt I’d ever be able to afford it. However, take my advice and go to one of the Capital Balls, whether it be the Jingle Bell Ball or the Summertime Ball – you’ll have the best time.

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