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Last night I was invited to the European Premiere of ‘The Accountant’ by Empire magazine. Weirdly I hadn’t heard an awful lot about the film, but maybe I’ve just been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks.

​The premiere took place at the Empire cinema (now a Cineworld apparently?) in Leicester square, although about an hour before the stars were set to grace the red carpet the heavens opened and the standard English weather returned once again. …


However, this didn’t dampen the crowd’s spirits as they patiently waited for Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick to arrive, even they were surprised that the English fans waited in the wind and rain, with Affleck explaining that if it had been raining in LA everyone would have just left.
Kendrick sported a cute off bardot pink dress which highlighted just how tiny she is –
Especially when stood next to a giant 6’4 Ben Affleck. Ben donned a suave black suit with a green tie, similar to the suit worn by his character in the film. Also in attendance was Cynthia Addai-Robinson who wore a gorgeous fitted metallic number. Unfortunately, other than these three I didn’t spot any other celebrities, at least not ones I recognised without googling them first!

​We walked down the umbrella-filled carpet to the cinema entrance where Jo Wiley was standing on a raised platform to interview the stars, producers and directors. We then entered the cinema and were taken to our seats in the front row of the IMAX screen – hello sore neck!

Jo Wiley then lead out and introduced the main cast and crew to the cinema, these consisted of: Gavin O’Connor (director), Lynette Howell Taylor (producer), another man (not sure who this was), Ben Affleck (Christian Wolff), Anna Kendrick (Dana Cummins), Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Marybeth Medina), Lynette said a few words of thanks and a shoutout to some of her English family before handing over to Ben to say a little more about the film and how it was to work on set. They then left the stage and the film began.

​I don’t know or undertand much (anything) about accountancy and was therefore a little worried I was going to spend the next 128 minutes in a confused state. But the way in which the story was explained meant that there wasn’t a huge amount of accountancy to fathom.

Affleck plays an autistic character with a passion for mathematics, his autistic tendencies allow the film to show the character’s struggles with simple tasks that we may not even think twice about, such as socialising, reading the emotions and thoughts of others and establishing eye contact. Yet beyond this you can see the character is a genius, covering up his real business as a freelance accountant for some very dangerous clients. Where flashbacks teach us that he was bought up to deal with this in some particularly inhumane ways. But also that he’s very good with a gun… Don’t get on the wrong side of Christian Wolff, that’s my advice.

The plot of the film sees Ray King (J.K simmons) working for the Treasury Crime Enforcement team alongside Marybeth Medina in order to expose who a man in a series of photographs alongside members of various dodgy criminal organisations. Whilst this is all going on, Wolff takes on a genuine accountancy case with a robotics company beside Dana Cummins, but through uncovering the actuality about millions of missing dollars the people involved begin to drop like flies. Leading Wolff on a trail of destruction to find out the truth about who is really accountable for laundering the company’s money.

I enjoyed this movie a lot more than anticipated, it had everything you could want, fight scenes, gunshots, some crazy choreographed martial arts, a love story and some comedic moments. I hadn’t heard much about this film or seen much advertising and therefore was happy to find out it wasn’t merely a rom-com about an accountant. However, since coming out of the cinema I’ve seen ‘The Accountant’ posters plastered everywhere across London!

I’d advise you to see this film but you’ll definitely enjoy it more if you don’t do any research beforehand. I’ve watched the trailer since coming out and think you should just leave it all to be experienced whilst in the cinema.

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