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Cocktails in the City

Cocktails in the City
Trendy bar ‘Cahoots’ (Kingly Court, Carnaby – best known for being a club/bar inside an old underground tube carriage) teamed up with Sauvelle Vodka and invited me and a friend to try their awesome cocktails at this year’s cocktails in the city. And boy did we have a lot of cocktails. Wow.

PictureThis year’s summer London version of Cocktails in the City was held in Bedford Square, just off of Oxford Street. It saw 25 of London’s favourite bars teaming up with high end alcohol brands to produce some innovative and exciting cocktails that you could buy tokens to try.

We started off at Cahoots, obviously, trying each of their specifically created Sauvelle Vodka infused cocktails. Each cocktail was so different but equally delicious (and strong) at the same time. With many different flavours, ranging from pimms and mint to grapefruit.


Next on our agenda was a little something to eat. To line our stomachs from the vast amount of alcohol that we were unknowingly about to consume. We headed to Rockadollar (Instagram @Rockadollar) and  LOOK at these hotdogs. Aren’t they just so sexy? Probably the best hot dog I’ve ever eaten. I keep dreaming about it.

Photo: My own
​Next, we were introduced to the manager of Sauvelle who must’ve had something to do with the overall running of the event as he knew everything and everyone. He took us under his wing and we began to visit each individual stall for a complimentary cocktail, which gave us a chance to meet all the people that worked for each brand and to play all of the little games that each company had bought with them to the event. One of these was Hook the duck, which I failed miserably at and then proceeded to drop an entire cocktail into the pool of water.
​A few drinks down and I’m afraid I couldn’t remember anything so I guess you’ll just have to attend the next one to see just how great it is. You can find more information regarding these events here:

My friend and I then parted ways to get our designated transport home. Which I managed to miss by 2 minutes and have to wait very drunkenly for an hour for the next one. In this time I managed to bump into a good friend of mine and my brother. Very small world.

​I then received a lovely message from my cocktail friend explaining that she was so drunk that she was sick into a bag on the train but had then forgotten to pick the bag up when she left. Leaving it for all those poor other people to sit and smell. Vile, but a sign it must have been a great night.

Drink responsibly folks.

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