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The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys
I was lucky enough to be invited to the UK premiere of the new comedy ‘The Nice Guys’ at the odeon in Leicester Square, London. Starring Lady’s man Ryan Gosling and Film veteran Russell Crowe I had high hopes for this 70’s-styled detective film. I wasn’t disappointed. In the words of Mr Crowe’s introduction speech I ‘laughed my tits off’.

​The storyline could very easily have become cheesy and predictable but Shane Black kept us on our toes throughout, with amusing jokes and sketches. I also must mention Angourie Rice (now 15), you would never have gathered that this was her first feature film, or that she is in fact Australian, I wish I was as good at accents!
The premiere itself was quite an event, a clear attempt was made to mimic the 1970s Los Angeles Theme. The red carpet was swapped for a vibrant orange, which I subconsciously managed to match with. Gosling and Crowe had some fun in front of the white Cadillac showing that their on-screen chemistry was easily translated into the real world. A four-piece soul band kept the public in high spirits as they waited for a brief glimpse of the stars walking down the orange carpet, they then reappeared at the after party at Leicester Square’s Hippodrome Casino (although the stars were sadly nowhere to be seen). As we entered the cinema we were confronted with a huge illuminated organ playing music on the stage as 1970s themed images flashed up on the screen. This must’ve been very daunting for the organ player who had his back to the audience the whole time before being swallowed up by the floor just as the main cast and crew arrived on stage for the introduction.

This film was definitely one of the funniest i’ve seen for a very long time. It focuses on porn themes without being too crude and there are moments of extremely clever humour which are guaranteed to keep you laughing the whole way through. I would definitely recommend seeing this film, you won’t be disappointed. But the sad thing is that ‘Nobody got hurt.’

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